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An invetigation by Karl Brandtman about Matteo Borri

An invetigation by Karl Brandtman about Matteo Borri

So as you are all Aware Matteo k Borri from the company L-cheapo lasers is accusing Endurance lasers of stealing laser diode plan’s so I did a lot of digging on Matteo And his claim’s… And turns out he actually offers the plan’s as an open source project, which It actually says on his site… pics included.

Which means anyone can freely change anything in the current designs and actually use And distribute the product as their own there is no creative commons license on his site And he has no patent for his product so even if George did copy his plans there are no Legal implications!

Looking over both endurance laser’s and L-cheap there is An obvious difference I will post the links so you can see for yourself.

Matteo Also claims his laser can cut clear Acrylic which we know is completely untrue… pic included

After digging info on Matteo for a few hours it became quite obvious he is not what hep Makes out, he tells people he works for NASA And he has A project going into space on the 2020 mission working on a chlorophyll spectrometer that can detect and tell the difference between Plant life which I know NASA has had for years and used it on the mars curiosity rover,

So his claim to this is untrue they posted the data for this back in 2000.

This is the actual tech that is going to be attached to the 2020 rover, not Matteo’s

He Also has the chlorophyll spectrometer on IndieGoGo which was A flop And got no backers, if this was really A NASA project they wouldn’t allow him to get funds from IndieGoGo or even make it public, NASA spend millions on research And design…
I even searched NASA’s site surely if they used his tech they would have searchable data or evidence but there was nothing…. pic included

I looked high and low for any possible name drop Associated with NASA and nothing showed up
Other than Matteo entered a competition called the cube quest challenge with A 17-year-old and they Didn’t win it was rejected…

And he Also has another claim the phone sat he’s so proud to tell people he created on his site
Is also yet another lie it was created by 2 university students not Matteo he gives a link that has No mention of him At All And the code he was supposed to have written anyone could have written it if your Code savvy… pics included

The only thing I can see that is related to space is his mars without borders which is space Camp for Adults and is volunteer-based anyone can Apply for A position to pretend to be On mars for 3 weeks playing in the desert or “mars simulated terrain” while it does sound cool It’s not affiliated with going into space At All…

He has posted a lot in different blogs and various sites where you submit your own info and he talks A lot about space and mars and his chlorophyll spectrometer And different projects he has going on but nothing officially used by NASA.
I’ll let you decide on Matteo’s integrity or if he’s telling the Absolute truth but the info he gives doesn’t Add up!

Screen shots

A case study was made by Karl Brandtman

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