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An augmented space-time concept

An augmented space-time concept

The temperature (an energy density) defines the property of space-time.

Part 1. Prerequisites for a concept

Bose-Einstein condensate

It is well known that light speed in Bose-Einstein condensate changes and can reach as much as 0.6mm/sec.
that is 50*10^9 times less than in a vacuum. The temperature of Bose-Einstein condensate as little as 10^-9K.
That leads us to an idea that temperature and quantum state of matter changes electromagnetic conductivity of a space-time. Based on this concept we can assume that the speed of light can become 0 if the temperature becomes equal to 0K. It means that no electromagnetic waves can be distributed anymore.
At the end we can conclude that a spot before the big explosion was not extremely hot – it was 0K cold. It has 0 temperature and everything was in thermodynamic equilibrium and thus has no contradiction with the Boltzmann equation.


With non, 0 temperature space-time enables generating virtual particles. While particles are born and annihilated – they generate a vacuum wave landscape that enables electromagnetic waves transition.

Part 2. Space-time in t=0K

If Space-time temperature become T=0K then space-time loses its property of electromagnetic waves transition

As a result, no virtual particles be born.
A Key question – what gives the property of electromagnetic wave transition either virtual particles or non 0K temperature.

If the temperate become T=0K then all matter gets the same quantum numbers and becomes and becomes indistinguishable. Other words all fermions act like bosons.

The is an assumption that the value of temperature can become negative. Let’s call it a complex temperature value.
If so, then we can assume that tensor of space-time can become negative as well.

Positive temperature means that an object (matter) can share its energy with the other matter. Negative temperature means that an object (matter) requires energy from the nearest object to exist.

This assumption leads us that stars and big massive objects could have something inside with the negative temperature that requires them to remain hot and share some of its energy with the matter with negative temperature. If so, then a big star explosion (birth of supernova) happens when no enough energy goes to the negative space-time. It leads to a collapse of this matter and that is why stars are exploding suddenly.

Going back to 0K temperature – there is an assumption that in this temperature all bosons and fermions are looking the same and there is no way to distinguish fermions from bosons.
This leads us to another assumption that if T=0K then all 4 basic forces act as one force with a different property. Then everything will be in perfect equilibrium.

If the temperature is 0K then it is impossible to state that there is a space-time. With 0K temperature, it might not exist at all. That brings us to the conclusion that space-time appeared after a big bang only while the energy was delivered to new places. Other words an expansion of the universe happened while particles moved and bring temperature (energy) that causes the appearance of virtual particles and allows electromagnetic wave transition.

Part 3. About De Broglie waves.

(to be continued)
[I am working on a math model of this hypothesis]

written by George I Fomitchev

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