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2021 Work plan

2021 Work plan

Learn more about Endurance lasers plans for 2021


Updated on 04/24/21

75 watt DPSS

1. Ready for the launch with a water chiller
2. after we test the power stability in CW we will add Cr:YAG to get pulses.
3. After 75 watt is working good we will start working on 200 watt DPSS.
4.In parallel wth will start working on  532 / 355 nm (SHG/THG) laser,

85 watt diode

1. The laser module works well. Optics allows focusing the laser beam into a small spot.
2. Now we are working on a water cooling system.
3. We need to develop a mounting system that will allow hooking on any 3D printer / CNC or engraving frame.
4. After that we will make some laser cutting and engraving tests.

25 – 50  watt FAP

2 units were built and shipped.
Now we plan to start production on them on regular basis.

Diode laser focusing

We still are working on a better laser beam focusing.
We will use 2 prisms for reducing laser beam spot on a slow axis.

10 watt DPSS beam quality improvement

We finished developing on a new optical system for our 4 watt DPSS and 10 watt DPSS laser modules.
Now we will ship the laser with one short focal lens plus one longer focal lens. It will be F=20 / F=40 or F=30 / F=50
The will allow getting a different laser beam spot and a different focal depth.

80 watt Co2

We have built one frame and shipped it to Italian customer via DHL super express back in January 2021.

Ho / Er laser development postponed to the end of Q2 2021

We will make a new version ver 1.3 of our 15 watt DUOS diode laser

In the next month, we will present a Co2  laser upgrade package for all owners of CNC / engraving machine

Our Endurance laser lab will work on a better process of color metal engraving (tint colors) using our diode lasers on titanium.

The water cooling chiller is in development

Multi-purpose chiller is ready for Co2 lasers and DPSS laser modules with good temperature stability.

4.5 watt 532 nm green impulse laser is ready

Microchip laser is in the development stage.

DIode galvo laser will be developed in May-June 2021.

We plan to update a lot of website pages. We hired a new designer who will help us to improve the visual aspects of our products and solutions.


Updated on January 1-st. 2021

75 watt DPSS

Collect all components together
Run a laser on a demo stand
Make a video and tell about the components
Trial run


85 watt diode

Beam calculation: focal length, spot size, depth of focus
Power measurement
Optical system design
Cooling system design

25 watt FAP

Estimate spot size
Estimate focus size

Diode laser focusing

Make a calculation to reduce the focal spot (decrease the slow axis)
Make accurate documentation of the original radiation

10 watt DPSS beam quality improvement

Evaluation of spot quality using mirrors
Assemble the Enhanced Optical Engine Model

80 watt Co2 first launch

Co2 launch

4 lens testing

Lens Testing: Determination of focal length, spot size, trimming, etc. lens type, power, spot size, depth of focus, focal length


Ho / Er laser installation
Assembly of the laser trigger

Testing polarizing plates
More PBS tests procedures

Make more interesting videos

About diode lasers
About Solid-state lasers
About Dye lasers
About Fiber lasers
Other types of lasers
Dependence of the laser wavelength, power, pulse, what the laser cuts and what does not cut
Interesting laser effects
More about Laser application
Optics in lasers

About using a spectrometer


Interesting experiments

Soldering, welding
New types of lasers
Eating in fiber


Explore about Laser Tweezers ( watch? v = Sq7GaO8iqu8

Options for using a powerful diode laser: soldering, welding, heating, chemistry,
Cutting DPSS metal (blowing off by plasma) / heating with another laser / heatsink / water / chemicals / – laser in aqueous solution and acid
Explore photopolymer
More about 15 watt abilities

Goggles tests


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