8W solid-state laser for 3D printer or CNC mill. Laser engraving/cutting tool.
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Would you like to turn your 3D printer into an ultimate laser engraving or cutting machine?
Endurance has invented a way to convert your 3D printer or CNC router into a cutting or engraving machine with an Endurance L-Cheapo diode laser. The Endurance laser is the best upgrade for your current 3D printer. Add to your 3D printing experience by turning your printer into something you previously were only able to do through a professional studio.
With a 8W Endurance L-Cheapo diode laser you can engrave faster and cut deeper into materials such as: plywood, wood, acrylic, cardboard, hardboard, felt, leather, plastic (ABS, PLA), stone, glass, aluminum, ceramis and more.
The 8W (8000 mW) diode laser is one of the most powerful and advanced laser to upgrade your 3D printer or CNC router with and is able to create beautiful engravings and laser cuts. It is very easy to install and does not require any special knowledge. It can be installed on almost any 3D printer or CNC mill. If you have any issues during installation or operation, we are always available to lend a hand.
8W (8000 mW) laser enable engraving and cutting a variety of materials such as:
  • plywood / wood
  • acrylic
  • PLA / ABS
  • felt / fabric
  • paper / cardboard
  • hardboard
  • stone
  • glass
  • aluminum
  • and more

Technical Specs:

Laser Type Diode
Laser Output 8000mW ± 15%
Focal Length 2-10 cm (variable)
Laser Wavelength 445nm
Lens Type Crystal glass
Operation Time Tested 48 hours continuous
Voltage 12V DC
Amperage 4-5 Amps
Cooling Air blowing (3 coolers)
Mount Universal
Installation process Described in details
Manufacturer Robots Everywhere


The 8 WATT (8000 MW) diode laser is very easy to install on almost any 3D printer using compatible mounts for the Prusa i3, Wanhao Duplicator i3, Ultimaker, RepRap, Magnum, Prism, Makerbot Cube, Picasso, Hercules, SolidDoodle, Original Prusa i3 MK2, BCN3D SIGMA, Form 2, PowerSpec 3D Pro, ORD Bot Hadron, Zortrax M200, Kossel, FlashForge Creator Pro, CEL Robox, FDM and others. If you have a printer not listed, please contact us and we will organise a mount for you.
Our lasers are very easy to operate using standard software and run on the existing 12V of your printer or router.
In order to create a laser engraving or a laser cut with our 5.6W laser all you need to do is put the piece you want to cut or engrave onto the work top. Just convert a jpeg image into a vector image and then convert it into gcode. Start the machine and enjoy watching it do its job. If you have any questions we will be happy to assist you any time. Just contact us via email or on our Facebook page.
A 8W laser can cut up to 3-10mm of wood and plywood (with multi passes and sometimes require additional blowout)


New design of 5.6W (5600 mW) and 8W (8000 mW) Endurance lasers (released in Sep 2017)

Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 8Watt (8000 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 5.6Watt (5600 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 5.6Watt (5600 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
Endurance 5.6Watt (5600 mw) diode (solid-state) laser
steel engraved with Endurance 5.6W - 8W diode laser

Lasers and engravers made by Endurance.

Why do our customers buy lasers and engraving machines from us?

Ability to choose the right laser or engraving machine. We help to qualify customer needs by phone / email / facebook messenger / telegram / whatsapp / viber. Our contact information
We provide qualified after-sales service.
Our lasers and engraving machines are fully assembled and ready to go.
Delivery time from 24 hours. All systems built to order.
Lifetime warranty.
We provide with video tutorials and guidance.

Laser engraving for yourself and for your business.

Advantages of our lasers

Assembled in the USA.
Reliable. The guaranteed duration of continuous operation is 48 hours.
True continuous power output as advertised — unlike many Chinese analogues.
All our lasers cut plywood, felt, fabric, acrylic, leather.
All our lasers can engrave on leather, acrylic, plastic, plywood, wood.
Lasers with an output of 5.6W, 8W can engrave on anodized and painted aluminum, glass, or stone.

Why our customers buy lasers and engraving machines from Endurance

Unlike many Chinese lasers on Ebay / AliExpress, Endurance lasers do have the advertised output power and can work continuously for more than 48 hours!

Buy ultra powerful 8W (8000 mW) laser right now!

wood new 1
table new 1
soft wood new 1
maker new 1
leather new 2
leather new 1
darth vader new 1
cardboard new 1
box 2-2
box 3-2
deer depp engraving-2
girl and a cat-2
glass 1
glass 2


You may can and engrave using 8W diode laser


Laser cutting
(5-25 passes to cut)

Laser engraving
(speed ~400-500)

Wood / Plywood 8-10 mm +
Acrylic 5-8 mm +
PLA 5-8 mm +
ABS 5-8 mm +
PVC 5-8 mm +
Felt + +
Fabric + +
Paper + +
Cardboard + +
Hardboard + +
Hardboard + +
Glass - +
Stone - +
(painted and anodized)
- +
Ceramics - +

Speed and amount of passes are really depends on material, color and even humidity.

Imagine, create, and become a master of laser cutting and laser engraving with Endurance L-Cheapo diode lasers.

Do you want to put your logo on your prototype models? Would you like to decorate your favourite gadget? Now you can, with Endurance L-Cheapo lasers.

Lasers and engraving machines allow you to work with leather, wood, plywood, fabric, felt, acrylic and open up all kinds of new possibilities for the creation of great art works and models.

Our 8 Watt Endurance L-cheapo laser is powerful enough to cut acrylic, wood, plywood, cardboard and leather up to 2/5“ (10 mm) thick.

We provide for free:

  • One pair of goggles
  • Full tech support 24/7
  • Guidance and a lot of tutorials

How to do a laser print on leather belt and how to engrave on synthetic stone using 8W Endurance laser

Laser grayscale lifehack. Engraving on piece of glass using 8W Endurance laser.

Laser cutting of 8 mm 1/3’’ black acrylic and engraving on anodized aluminum using 8W Endurance laser

More guidance and tutorials:

Why Endurance lasers?
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Endurance lasers and
engraving machines
power output

The 8 W ultra-powerful diode (solid-state) Endurance laser is an excellent addition to any 3D printer or CNC machine.

  • It is really powerful.
  • It cuts plywood 10 mm (0.4") thick and acrylic, plastics, PVC 8 mm (0.3") thick.
  • Perfectly engraves wood, leather, painted and anodized aluminum, glass, stone, ceramics.
  • Easily installed on any 3D printer and CNC device.
  • Easy to operate and very reliable.

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