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Half-bridge key for laser control

Half-bridge key for laser control



Creating a PWM key to control a semiconductor laser with consumption currents up to 8 amperes.


  • Power supply 10-20 V
  • Logic zero level <0.3 V
  • Level of logical unit> 3 V
  • Log in consumption <10 μA
  • Output current (depends on the type of power source) 8 A


The scheme is based on the common half-bridge IR2104 driver. The chip control can be carried out by CMOS or TTL levels and can control n-channel MOSFET or IGBT transistors.
The microcircuit is turned on according to the scheme recommended by the manufacturer.

Half-bridge key for laser control

It should be noted that the circuit should not be controlled by pulses with 100% filling, or by continuous supply of a high logic level to the control input, otherwise the bootstrap capacitor will not be able to charge through the low-side transistor while the upper-side transistor is closed, which will lead to incomplete opening of transistors, significant overheating and voltage drop across the load.

Half-bridge key for laser control

The approximate layout on the PCB.
The approximate layout on the PCB.

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