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New Endurance FAP800 infrared laser

2 x 10 = 20 watt Endurance laser

Today we have finished our prototyping of Endurance Coherent FAP800 – 15 watt infrared (808 nm) fiber laser.

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A few month ago we have made a few tests with Coherent FAP800 – 30 watt infrared laser. And it worked well.

To build a powerful and an effective infrared laser attachment we were supposed to solve some issues:

1. Laser power supply. The Coherent FAP800 units consumes 2V and about 20-30A what makes quite difficult to build a laser power supply stablized current and voltage.

2. Laser focusing. In the previous model we thought that we could work without a fiber optics and it did not work, simply explode while we did a test. (

3. Laser mount. We needed to create a universal laser mount holder with a focusing ring.

4. Laser driver. Since there is a low voltage and high current we needed to change an Endurance MO1 PCB that would work differently.

So all these cases were solved and now we are happy to present Endurance Coherent FAP800-15 watt laser attachment working on 808 nm wavelength.

Laser abilities

We will make some experiments and chack laser abilities in September and will share more videos shoing examples or laser cutting and laser engraving.

How does it look like

An Endurance Coherent FAP800 – 15 watt live demo launch

What is in the parcel

  • Coherent FAP800
  • Endurance laser box
  • Power supply

Endurance is offering:

Endurance Coherent FAP800 – 15 watt – 995$
Endurance Coherent FAP800 – 25 watt – 1195$
Endurance Coherent FAP800 – 30 watt – 1295$

Place your order today

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Endurance lasers special deal

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