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Endurance DIY laser kit

The Endurance laser kit pack. Build your own laser module.

This post if for you who like a DIY stuff & dream of building your own laser module.

Endurance tells everyone how to make a laser attachment for your 3D printer.

Endurance DIY laser kit
Endurance DIY laser kit

Following Endurance’s guidance you will make any laser you want: 2100 mW, 3500 mW, 5600 mW, 8000 mW, 8500 mW or even 10000 mW (10 watt “invincible”)
Endurance DIY laser kit
Endurance DIY laser kit

A good thing is that the Endurance DIY laser kit is twice as cheap as an assembled unit.

Endurance laser module kits.

Infinite 8.5W (8500 mW) laser

Ultra powerful diode laser attachment
8.5 watt+ (8500 mW)

Super powerful 10W (10000 mW) laser

"Invincible" diode laser gadget
10 watt (10000 mW)

Affordable 2.1W (2100 mW) laser

Affordable diode laser add-on
2.1 watt (2100 mW)

Advanced 3.5W (3500 mW) laser

Advanced laser module
3.5 watt (3500 mW)

Powerful 5.6W (5600 mW) laser

Powerful diode laser tool
5.6 watt (5600 mW)

Ultra-powerful 8W (8000 mW) laser

Ultra-powerful diode laser device
8 watt (8000 mW)


Laser assembling process is not as difficult as many of you might think.

You just need to know how to read schematics and wiring diagrams, how to do some soldering.
To make your own laser you need a voltmeter, an ammeter, soldering iron and some patience.

For a 8.5 watt and 10 watt laser you need a 3D printer to print out some plastic items: a laser box / a laser control board and a fan casing.

All STL files are available.

The assembling and wiring process will take 2-4 hours in average.

Most advanced and skilled hardware guys can do it in 120 minutes.

After you done – attach it to your 3D printer or CNC router.

Cut. Engrave. Enjoy!

Endurance DIY laser kit
Endurance DIY laser kit

I must say that a 10 watt laser is very easy to build and tune.

Laser power consumption tests

8.5 watt laser

Endurance DIY laser kit
Endurance DIY laser kit

10 watt laser

Endurance DIY laser kit
Endurance DIY laser kit

At the end your 10 watt laser will be able to cut wood and plywood 3-4 mm thick with 1 pass, engrave on anodized aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass.

Endurance DIY laser kit
Endurance DIY laser kit
Endurance DIY laser kit
Endurance DIY laser kit

Another great opportunity is that while making your own laser you may also add any customs upgrades:
A temperature sensor, a voltmeter, an ammeter, etc. to measure real power consumption by the module. SOMETHING LIKE AN ENDURANCE LASER BOX.
A detailed list of useful accessories you may find here.

The DIY kit contains everything you need

Endurance DIY laser kitEndurance DIY laser kit

Learn more …

All Endurance laser kits are compatible with almost all 3D printers and CNC machines

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