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Laser engraving experiments with different paints

Today we made a few experiments with different paints to see if the laser engraving result will improve.

We used a dark anodized aluminum plate, which we covered with different paints before laser engraving.

Our goal was to find out if the engraved images will become more visible.
For engraving on anodized materials, we suggest using 8 or 8.5 watt lasers.
We used a 10 watt+ laser with an air assist.

3D printer: ANET A8
Lens: G2 (short focal)
Laser type: 10 watt+

Material: anodized aluminum plates covered with various types of paint:

  • acrylic paint – was not much better than it was before.
  • paint Marie-oil colour did not appear to become better with focal range 10mm (key parameters S255, F50).
  • paint Craters also did not look exactly how we wanted to be with focal range 10mm (key parameters S255, F50).
  • with a focal range of 10mm (key parameters S255, F50) the result was worse than when you do without any paint.
  • without paint looks better than with any paint.

Software: RepetierHost

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