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Endurance 10 watt water cooled laser module with Z80 brand new laser diode

Endurance 10 watt water cooled laser system
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A brand new 10 watt water cooler laser module

Get all you need in the package

  1. Laser module with a water-cooled heatsink
  2. Laser box ver 2.0
  3. Water pump
  4. Thermometer
  5. Silicon tubes


What do you need to add to the system and then install on your 3D printer / CNC or engraving machine




445nm 10000mW Laser Module with water Heatsink TTL/PMW + Analog 0-10V for DIY 3D Printer | Laser CNC machines

Size: 33*46*62 mm

Laser wavelength: 445 +-2 nm

Power supply voltage: 12VDC (9-16VDC)

Supply current:> 4A

The laser beam form: Dot (small rectangle 63 * 133 um) ,focusable, adjustable

Lens Material: Optical glass coated with AR coating (G2 lens)

Shell Material: Polished aluminum

Cooling method: water

Tested for 168 hours nonstop

Lifetime warranty.

Can Engrave on:
Paper/Wood/Fabric/Plastic/Leather/Plywood/Foam Paper/anodized Aluminum/ Metal/Glass/Stone/Ceramics/PCB/
CW Optical power output: 8.2-8.5W (8200-8500mW)
Impulse pptical power output: 9-11W (9000-11000mW)
Safe temperature range: <60 ℃
Manual PWM control: YES
Temperature display: YES

Can Cut: MDF/Balsa/Paper/Wood/Fabric/Plastic/Leather/Plywood/Foam Paper





Control and software


Why buy Endurance 10 watt water cooled laser

Compatible frames

Demos and examples


Comparing cheap Chinese unbranded laser diode vs NUBM47 and a brande new Z80 diode


All you need to know about focusing with G2 / G7 lenses. Plywood laser cutting with 10 watt laser

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