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Call for a most driven Endurance customers

Call for a most driven Endurance customers

I want to thank all our customers for support and trust.
This was really invaluable. We grow. We improve. Making the world more technologically advanced together.
Thank you all!

I wanted to tell you that it is a great honor to say that a few TOP online magazines are writing a story about us and our startup.
That is why I am looking for a nice 1-2 page stories about your experience with Endurance lasers (photos, videos, guidance, tutorials, hacks, etc are more than welcome).
Your links on Flickr, Instagram, facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Instructables, website, Youtube are highly appreciated!

As a return gift I would like to offer to you:
1. Ultra fashionable safety glasses.
2. Laser box kit (Temperature sensor, Voltmeter + Ammeter, Arduino with Endurance sketch).
3. T2Laser software.
4. G2 lens, G7 lens.
5. Air assist (air nozzle + air pump).
6. Acrylic box for your 3D printer.
7. Paste for engraving on metal surfaces.
8. Laser mount + laser connectors pack.
9. Check for 50$.
10. A free aluminum strip for alignment of 2 laser beams.
11. Your name and our 100$ donation to one of resort center that we plan to visit before New Year

Thank you all again.
Please leave your comments and ideas below or on our facebook group or simply email to me:

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