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A poem was written by Michael Skepton

With real 8.5 watt power to fair,
You can cut reindeer ears with flair
with 10w of gear they can be plywood ears
and with 20w of gear, those ears can be from any gear !

Wishing you a very merry Christmas cheers from Australia

Merry Christmas
Michael Skepton
8w continuous laser owner

Our lasers

an Endurance 10 watt plust laser attachment

Diode Laser
10 watt+ (10000 mW) 445 nm

The Endurance 20 Watt laser double beam laser attachment

Diode Laser
20 watt (20000 mW) 445 nm

The Endurance 10 Watt* laser Invincible continuous power

Diode Laser
10 watt (10000 mW) 445 nm

The Endurance 8.5 Watt pluss laser Infinite continuous power

Diode Laser
8.5 watt (8500 mW) 445 nm

a powerful 5.6 watt (5600 mW) laser

Diode Laser
5.6 watt (5600 mW) 445 nm

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