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3D glass laser engraving machine

A design for a 3D glass engraving machine
Glass/crystal laser engraving machine

•  No damage to glass and crystal surface
•  Forming plane or three-dimensional lattice images inside the crystal
•  Magical effect under the irradiation of seven spectral colors
•  Never fades, huge collection and commemorative value


• Decoration, glass processing, studio
• Crystal and glass handicrafts, souvenirs
• Tourist attractions, hotels, galleries
• Mobile phone keys, sticker, ceramic glaze
• Glass bottles, wine bottle anti-counterfeiting
• Lenses, optical processing
Max crystal size150×250×100 mm
Carving range100×100 mm
Max carving speed2000 points/s
Point size100μm
Laser typeEnd-pumped DPSS laser
Cooling wayAir cooled
Laser wavelength532±nm
Laser rate2KHz
Machine dimensions780×500×600 mm
Machine weight100kg
Power Supply220VAC
Overall power consumption2kW


Used laser module for 3D glass laser engraving machine:


More than 100kW super high peak power
Support fine marking for more than 85% of glass materials
Good beam quality(M2<1.2), is strictly guaranteed at all frequencies
All-solid-state air cooling structure, independent modular product design
Industrial product flow, 12 quality inspection procedures, stable and reliable product quality
AO-L-532 series engraving laser system is the only laser product to be used in glass fine marking. In the domestic market, it is available for 85% of glass materials to achieve point cloud fine processing. Including plane marking, surface marking, crystal engraving, glass film drilling, and other processing and effects.

TOP SALES! The best laser head for your 3D printer / CNC machine / engraving frame.

10watts high peak power!

For crystal laser engraving!

Wavelength (nm)532±1
Work patternQ-switched
Average output power (W)≥ 3W
Min. Pulse width (ns)~5ns
Max. Peak power  (kW)~100kW
Power stability (rms, over 4 hours)<1%, <3%
Repetition rate (kHz)1-10kHz
Warm-up time (minutes)<10
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad)2.5mrad
Beam diameter at aperture (mm)~1.5mm
Beam height from base plate (mm)101mm
Operating Temp. (℃)15~35℃
Cooling-down methodAir-cooled
Expected lifetime (hours)15000

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