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Laser Engraving on Leather

Best selling models

5.6W (5600 mW) solid-state diode laser.

5600 mw solid state laser

— Cuts up to 10 mm (0.4″) of wood and acrylic.

— Cuts up to 8 mm (0.3″) of plywood.

— Engraves on stone, aluminum, glass, PCB.

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8W (8000 mW) Endurance DIY engraving machine

DIY Engraving machine (Endurance production)

— Portable 20 * 20 cm solid-state laser engraving machine.

— Very easy to operate.

— Excellent solution for makers, hobbyists and workshops.

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Laser Engraving on Leather

leather engraving
Engraving on leather is a great way to create an original gift or souvenir for yourself or your loved ones. With the help of the Endurance DIY you can decorate leather items with a variety of labels or drawings.

leather engraving

Laser Engraving Advantages

Traditional means of mechanical and thermal engraving on leather do not provide the same high level of engraving precision as do laser devices. Laser engraving is a completely automated process without any additional technological stages, taking minimal time. Our equipment works without failures even when engraving large drawings. Certain simple operations are performed in just a few minutes, or even seconds. The Endurance DIY desktop laser engraver is ideal for engraving of single items or small series.


Laser engraving seems, at first glance, unsuitable for home use. However, with the help of Endurance devices you can make small souvenirs right at home. Thanks to the affordable and easy-to-use CNCC laseraxe software, everyone, even an absolute beginner, can master this task. CNCC laseraxe does not require a pre-installation on the computer, it is enough just to run the exe. file in the program folder, and the program will be ready for use.

Connection and Initial Setup

Connect the laser engraver to the computer using a USB cable, run the program, click the «Connect» button. In a few seconds your new equipment will be ready to work. Open any image you like with the «Open» button and vectorize the image by clicking on the «PR» button.

leather engraving

Fig.1 Image vectorization by Outline

In the settings there are several ways of vectorization. BlackWhite is an inversion of colors. Any picture always opens in black and white. You can choose what to engrave: the background or the picture itself. Outline automatically selects the outlines of your drawing. With the help of the «Scale» button you can manually set the size of the drawing, but not bigger than the working area of the laser engraver.
G-code Generation Without Additional Programs

leather engraving
When the picture is ready it is necessary to generate the G-code.
Set the print speed in the PrintSpeed line equal to 350 mm / min and save the settings by clicking the «Save» button, then click «Create». In just a couple of seconds your code will be ready, and the program will automatically open the «Code» tab. The power will be set by default to 100%, you can adjust it with the slider «SpPower». To make the engraving look attractive on the leather sample, we recommend setting the power to 75%. The proper control of the laser beam parameters makes it possible to adjust the effect of the laser radiation on the treated surface.

laser protictive goggles
When everything is ready, put on safety goggles to prevent damage to your eyes while watching the engraving process, and press the «Run» button. Now the laser will do everything itself and, when finished, will return to its home position, and go out. It will take 1 minute to engrave a small pattern, 50 mm x 20 mm by size.
When engraving on artificial materials surfaces such as «leatherette» and «eco-leather», their low melting point should be taken into account. To ensure that the edges of our engraved image or inscription do not look scorched and unattractive we apply a protective layer to the surface of the artificial leather using a black self-adhesive film.