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Questions and answers about Endurance products

Questions and answers about Endurance products

Questions and answers about Endurance productsQuestions and answers about Endurance products

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Questions and answers about Endurance products

In this part of Endurance web site we will try to answer some frequently asked questions.

Where the laser should be connected on creality Cr-10
The laser should be connected to the FAN output on a creality Cr-10 board

What command is used for creality Cr-10?
from what I know It depend by the firmware of the 3D printer but usually they are M106 (on) / M107 (off) or M03 (on) / M05 (off)

Everything you need to know about your board with Arduino.
If you want Connect the laser TTL to arduino nano – connect to D11 pin

How connect TTL/PWM if I use external power supply and Endurance MO1 PCB
If you want to use Endurance MO1 PCB you need to connect TTL wire to 12V wire that goes to the laser.

How connect the laser with Eleksmaker PCB?
There are 3 pins on Eleksmaker PCB you connect 12V / GND / PWM and you are ready to go.

I have a MillRight Carver King and am trying how to setup the 8.5W Endurance laser with this cnc.
The MillRight uses a arduino uno board and a arduino shield stepper board attached to the uno. The small wire TTL goes to SpnDl and it will be you PWM and to the jack power in the laser you need to feed laser with 12V and 5 amps power supply.

Is it normal that the laser works even if the TTL wire is not connected?
No, the laser works only with connected TTL to 12V+ or to the PWM.

I have a Shark HD3 Machine. I see where the unit attaches to the control box, but what do the small blue and white wires do? And how does the unit attach to the laser itself?
Here is a full guidance of how to connect to Shark HD3 machine:

I have tried without the MO1 PCB. I have connected directly to the + and – terminals of the relay to the 12v standard jack input on the laser. I have left the thin yellow wire alone and disconnected from anything. I am still unable to run the laser with an engraving program. The m3 and M5 commands are used, and still do not work. Am I connecting it wrong? Do I need to connect the thin yellow wire from the laser itself to anything?
small one wire is a TTL+ and needs to be connected it to PWM or simply to 12V power – it will work on max power during all the time.

Does the laser require two forms of power coming in? I have the 12V jack with power. And then I connect the yellow wire, to the relay as well?
Both ways, either power + TTL connected with PWM or power + TTL connected with 12V+ power depends if you want / have PWM control or not

I understand about the PWM. Where would an external power supply of 12V come from?
Any power adapter (AC/DC) 12V 5A

I have the 8W laser. Finally got a power supply. Good news is the laser works. Bad news is I can’t control the on & off state. It’s always on. The voltage on the TTL+ line 0 or 5vdc. I set it up as if it were a spindle. M3 provides 5vdc to the TTL line. M5 provides 0vdc to the TTL line. Even if the voltage is zero, the laser is still on.
Seems like you have an issue with a MOSFET for some reasons. The laser should only work if TTL is connected.

How does TTL work?
TTL opens or closes MOSFET from any voltage… so voltage does not matter… Matters intensity (duty ratio) of a signal… does not matter if it is 5V or 12V… if TTL is active for 90% of time then the laser power will be 90% of it’s maximum power capacity… does it make sence?

Will the laser work if ttl is not connected?
The laser should not work until TTL is connected… with unconnected TTL the laser should be off…

Can you help me connect your 8W laser to a Ultimachines Rambo Board?
Ultimachines Rambo Board needs to be connected to FAN1 port.

Hi I need UCCNC Manual
I need a bit of assistance connecting the 8W unit to a UB1 breakout board using UCCNC. Manual found here:

How to run your lasers on makeBlock
To run the laser on MakeBlock you do not need a PWM, MakeBlock does work without TTL just by controlling the current on the board.

Connect the laser on arudiono uno
If you want to see how the lasers works under Arduino UNO – have a look at this page

So what does pin 11 on a arduino uno do then?
Pin 11 on Arduino is a pin for TTL

How to connect the laser to to Shapeoko2
Driver Input “+” or Laser Driver Input “-” on the module to connect to. From the manual: Pin 11 Labeled “11” on either Arduino or GShield to Laser Driver Input “+”. Pin 14 Labeled “GND” on either Arduino or GShield to Laser Driver Input “-“. Here is the picture of the GShield with the hookups: And the Arduino:

I am adding alaser to my Router. I’m using Mach3 and a Gecko 540.
Connect the laser to PWM output on you G540 machine and connect an external power to the laser. It will work

How to do a laser cutting of a square
If you want to cut a square, then you need to make a gcode of it and make speed 50-100, power 100%, repeats 3-5 times!

What should be laser speed for cutting 3 mm acrylic with 8 watt laser (100% power) and How many steps are required.
I set power 100% speed 100 and 2-3 passes should cut through

How to Check 8 watt laser is delivering 8 watt at 100 % power setting.
I would say that 8 watt laser should cut 2-3 mm of wood with one pass.

How to Check 10 watt laser is delivering 100 % power setting.
I would say that 10 watt laser should cut 2-5 mm of wood with one or two passes

Just mounted the the 2,1w laser on makeblock xy plotter, but it seems not work properly. The fan is not working at all, it give some output on low laser beam but on high it loses output.
The 2.1 watt laser should work from MakeBlock board connected directly. Please check the power supply that goes to the MakeBlock

I have a 12v 8.3a power supply and i am now looking at using this as a direct power supply for the laser, but then i do not have a connection with the control board. How do i make a connection between the control board and laser?
You can connect the TTL wire to your PWM and plug you power into the laser jack. It will use external power supply and TTL from your board.

I tried to run my laser from D9 plugs on a reprap 1.4 with no success with fan or laser. In the detailed installation manual the D9 plugs have a laser driver connected, is this necessary?
You need to connect the laser 12V+ with TTL to D9 plug or use Endurance MO1 PCB to run the laser from external power supply

can i run the laser direct from D9 on reprap 1.4?
You need to connect the laser 12V+ with TTL to D9 plug or use Endurance MO1 PCB to run the laser from external power supply

does the 8w laser have a control board inside?
yes, 8 watt laser has control board inside

does the 5.6w laser have a control board inside?
yes, 5.6 watt laser has control board inside

does the 3.5 watt laser have a control board inside?
yes, watt watt laser has control board inside

is the power input on the laser center positive or center negative?
In the center it is a positive 12V+ (it is called positive polarity)

I am using spindle speed (PWM) from my cnc pro V3 board to control laser output .
You need to setup max duty ratio signal if you want a full power

What speed will give me full power on the laser and how can I tell?
You need to setup max duty ratio signal if you want a full power

I see no prices and am confused as to what I would need to get. I own a Wanhao Di3 already. How much is the kit to add the engraving function?
If you want a laser – just select the laser you want on a site: or learn more about diode lasers:

Does the extruder for the 3d printer stay on, or is it removed and switched back and forth when I want to go from engraving to 3d printing?
No, you do not need to remove an extruder from a 3D printer.

How to install the laser on a stepcraft machine:
Have a look at this guidance:

I am looking to hook up the 8w laser to my CNC. I am running a Gradus M1 Pro CNC controller. Because my power supply is running 24V, I plan on buying an additional 12V 5-6 amp power supply for the laser only.
Yes, you can do that!

Let me know the best way to hook up the laser? I will be switching from spindle to laser frequently. I currently use the 0-10V output to control the spindle.
absolutely, you may hook the laser to your machine and use spindle pwm output to change laser power.

What happens if the laser turns off
Hmm, it is very strange but it can happen if the laser overheats or something wrong with a g-code.

My PWM generates 0V to 5V (via UCCNC and Stepcraft SUB D 15 pin connector pin 7 and GND as in your Endurance guidence pdf file) all I am curious about if this is oké to make the laser go from 0% to full power 100%.
Yes any voltage from 1 to 12V would activate the MOSFET and therefore the laser will be on, duty ratio will change the laser intensity.

I have a customer with some questions about wiring your 8W laser module to our CNC xPRO. Typically with other lasers this is done by wiring the signal input of the laser to the Spindle output of the board with a common ground. Does your module have a ground and signal wire available?
That is correct TTL+ has only one wire.

I have no clue if this is compatible with the Creality CR-10. I have no desire to butcher the control box or replace my extruder just to use the laser, as I wish to use both components without having to swap. Again, maybe Im making this more difficult than it is, but I have no knowledge when it comes to electrical.
Yes, you may run the laser with the extruder.

Compatibility with Creality and a RAMPS-based printer
The Creality is a RAMPS-based printer, and as such is compatible with Endurance lasers. You will not have to replace the extruder, merely mount the laser on top of it. For wiring, the simplest thing to do is to connect the red and white wires on the Endurance lasers together, then connect those and the black wire to the extruder heater or fan output

Hooked up as you state here for cr10 how is laser power level controlled?
You may change your laser power with a g-code.

Can you please post the exact type of diode?
You may learn more about our components on this page:

Can the 8w laser cut 6.5mm MDF and If so how many passes?
Yes, 8 watt laser can cut up to 8 mm of wood, plywood and MDF bout would require something like 5-10 passes.

Can the 10w laser cut 6.5mm MDF and If so how many passes?
Yes, 10 watt laser can cut up to 8 mm of wood, plywood and MDF bout would require something like 5-7 passes.

If you I use shorter focal lens, what is the beam width at the lens output?
It is 0.1 mm (100 uM)

What is the actual Duty Cycle of your 8W Laser Head?
We test our lasers for 48-72 hours for continuous operations.


Buy a laser now for yourself!


Laser cutting and laser engraving for home and for business.

Advantages of Endurance lasers

High-quality standard

Multi-level testing system.
Industrial components.

Ultra reliable

The guaranteed duration of the continuous operation ~48-72 hours.

True continuous power output

Our products have the rated power output as advertised – unlike Chinese analogues.

TTL mode

Can be turned on and off with 3.5-24V.
Variable power output.

Plug and play

Universal and compatible mount.
Compatible with most 3D printers and CNC machines.

Friendly return policy

Do not like the laser?
Simply return within 30 days and get a full refund.

Laser attachments and laser engraving (marking) machines.

Why do our customers buy lasers and engraving machines from Endurance?

Real-time advice

We assist and give advice by Phone / Email / Facebook messenger / Telegram / Whatsapp / Viber.

Professional support

We help to install and tune the laser. We offer qualified after-sales support.

Everything you need

We ship everything you need in one parcel to get started.

Immediate delivery

We ship all units within 4-24 hours. DHL express delivery allows you to get the package in 3-5 days.

Lifetime warranty

All our lasers are tested and could work up to 10000 hours.

Upgrade option

Do you have an old model? Upgrade your unit with more powerful one.

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Questions and answers about Endurance products
Questions and answers about Endurance products

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