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Introducing David, our Blogger

David Wieland


Hey guys, David here. I’m a tinkerer, hacker, DIYer, YouTuber, and recently I’ve also been making some videos for the Endurance Laser YouTube channel. I put their 10W Laser to the test, and by now have engraved and cut over a dozen different materials for all kinds of projects. I have to say, it’s quite amazing to have so much laser power right at your fingertips. Even better, it’s integrated into one of my 3d printers, so it doesn’t take up any extra space.

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Although it hasn’t always been easy or worked the first time around, it’s a lot of fun to customize things and create things that I wouldn’t have been able to do just with my 3d printers. One of my favorite projects so far has been making a chessboard. I had a beautiful piece of wood left from a different project. It was a perfect size, so I took the layout of a chessboard and engraved it onto it. After putting some oil onto it, it looks like something you would pay $100 for in a store. All it took to make it, was a scrap piece of wood and some time with the laser.


If you want to follow me and everything I do, you can check out my YouTube channel Datulab Tech, and also make sure to stop by my Instagram @datulabtech, as there I post about everything I’m making, even the things, that never get a video on the channel.

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My setup: I am using a 10W Endurance Laser, which is mounted to my CR-10 using a quick release. I am also using an enclosure I built with an exhaust outside to control the fumes. Depending on the project I also use my air assist, which is hooked up to the air compressor.

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