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How to Create An Ice Dragon Laser Painting

Laser ice dragon painting


Hello everyone! Today I will describe the process I use to make laser paintings. This is one of my favorite projects. Desktop lasers are so versatile in the many different ways that people use them. For this project, I used the Ortur Laser Maser 2 (non-pro) 20w Fixed Focus. The medium is 11” x 15” ( 27.94 cm x 38.1 cm) 140-pound watercolor paper. I used Rust-oleum 2X spray paint (acrylic). The colors are Gloss White, Gloss Ocean Mist, Gloss Winter Gray, Gloss Navy Blue, and Gloss Black.


First, I chose an image from Google Images. I chose “Ice Dragon Illustration” by Galan Pang and processed the image in GIMP. I inverted the image and adjusted the brightness and contrast and saved it.

ice dragon painting

ice dragon inversed

Next, I imported the image into Lightburn.

ice dragon lightburn

My settings are 3000 mm/min. 30% Power, Negative Image: OFF , DPI: 318, Image Mode: Stucki, Pass-through: OFF

Lightburn settings


When the settings were to my liking, I prepared the watercolor paper and began to paint it.

I applied 1 thick layer of Gloss White and let it dry completely.

gloss white

painted gloss How to Create An Ice Dragon Laser Painting black color spray

Then I add the colors. All of the colors are added wet on wet so that they have a chance to blend with each other.

beautiful color

When the color layer was completely dry, I covered the entire paper with Gloss Black. I let it dry overnight to ensure that it was completely dry.

gloss paint

Finally it is time for the laser to do its “magic”. I placed the painted paper on the bed and center the image using the “Frame” tool.

laser engraving

Once the burn is started, it is just a process of waiting…

laser paint removal

and waiting…

paint laser emoval process

and waiting some more…

ice dragon paint removal

Finally 5 hours and 58 minutes later the project is finished.

ice dragon ortur ice dragon impressive result

ice dragon on Ortur frame beautiful ice dragon

The last step is to clean off any residue with a soft cloth.

This is an amazing process to watch and do. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do.





If you want to see what else can be done with a desktop laser, please feel free to visit my YouTube Channel.



Posted by Chris Marino


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