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All world Co2 lasers

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Hi, we are building the biggest 3D printer / CNC machines database,
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ost popular 3D printers in 3D Printing Club
ost popular 3D printers in 3D Printing Club

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All world diode lasers

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All world Co2 lasers

name link country model Min price Max price Currency power
A.R.C. Laser GmbH
Germany C-LAS (Laser for surgery) 25-30 w
Coherent, Inc.
DC Series
1000 W, 1500 W, 2000 W, 2500 W, 3000 W, 3500 W, 4000 W,
5000 W, 6000 W, 8000 W

Diamond C-20A (9.3 µm) 10w
Diamond C-20A 20w
Diamond C-30A (9.3 µm) 17w
Diamond C-30A (10.2 µm) 30w
Diamond C-30A 30w
Diamond C-30L (9.3 µm) 17w
Diamond C-30L 30w
Diamond C-40A (10.2 µm) 40w
Diamond C-40A 40w
Diamond C-40L (10.2 µm) 40w
Diamond C-40L 40w
Diamond C-55A (9.3 µm) 40w
Diamond C-55A (10.2 µm) 55w
Diamond C-55A 55w
Diamond C-70A (10.2 µm) 70w
Diamond C-70A 70w
Diamond C-70L (10.2 µm) 70w
Diamond C-70L 70w
Diamond Cx-10L 10.6 ≥120w
Diamond Cx-10L 10.2 ≥100w
Diamond Cx-10L 9.6 ≥80w
Diamond Cx-10L 9.3 ≥80w
Diamond Cx-10LDE+

10.6 µm
Diamond Cx-10LDE+

10.2 µm
Diamond Cx-10LDE+

9.6 µm
Diamond Cx-10LDE+

9.3 µm
Diamond E-1000 ≥1000w
Diamond E-1000i ≥1000w
J-3-5 CO Laser 10-250w
Diamond J-2-9.4 15-160w
Diamond J-2-10.2 15-150w
Diamond J-2-10.6 15-180w
Diamond J-3-9.4 10-225w
Diamond J-3-10.2 10-225w
Diamond J-3-10.6 10-250w
Diamond J-5-9.4 40-400w
Diamond J-5-10.2 40-400w
Diamond J-5-10.6 45-450w
Diamond J-5-10.6NB 45-450w
Convergent Photonics
CM4000 200-4000w
CM4500 200-4500w
CX2500 200-2500W
CX3000 200-3000W
CV5000 200-5000W
GAM Laser, Inc.Orlando, FL
EX5 CO2 3/6 w
EX10 CO2 5 w
EX100 CO2 20 w
IMPACT-2012 60w
IMPACT-2015 60w
IMPACT-2030 60w
IMPACT-2150 60w
IMPACT-2500 75w
IMPACT-3100 180/200w
IMPACT-3125 180/200w
IMPACT-3150 180/200w
IMPACT-3100HP 300w
IMPACT-3125HP 300w
IMPACT-3150HP 300w
IMPACT-3400 100/120w
IMPACT-4012 60w
IMPACT-4015 60w
IMPACT-4150 60w
CivilLaser Laser Source Technology Co., Ltd.
China Hot cone CO2 Laser Tube Acrylic metal cutting 80W~220W 406 USD 80W
LXM-20 20w
LXM-30 30w
LXM-40 40w
LXM-55 55w
LXM-70 70w
United Kingdom
Linx CSL10 10W
Linx CSL30 30W
Linx CSL60 60W
Linx SL1 10W
Linx SLHP 120W
SSH 100 C/P 95-125W
SSH 150 C/P 130-175W
SSH 250 C/P 185-250W
MultiScan 120 W
PowerLine C 30 30W
Synrad, Inc.
48-1 8/10W
48-1W 8/10W
48-2 18/25W
48-2W 18/25W
48-5W 50W
32-1 5W
v30 20/25/30W
v30W 20/25/30W
v40 40W
v40W 40W
ti60 60W
ti60W 60W
ti60HS 60W
ti80 80W
ti80W 80W
ti80HS 80W
ti100 100W
ti100W 100W
ti100HS 100W
ti100P 100W
f201 180/200W
vi30 20/25/30W
vi40 40W
i401 400W
p100 100/400W
p150 150/600W

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Supporters, reviews, bloogers are welcome

Do you have something to share, review, hacks, photos, videos, please send it over to [email protected].
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      Get a quote?

      Get an individual offer now... Just leave your contacts..