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All Endurance lasers testimonials, reviews. Leave your feedback!

All Endurance lasers testimonials, reviews. Leave your feedback!



All Endurance lasers testimonials, reviews. Leave your feedback!



Endurance laser customer review

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All testimonials by Endurance customers

2-2.1 watt diode laser review (feedback)

3-3.5 watt diode laser review (feedback)

5-5.6 watt diode laser review (feedback)

After a little time to

After a little time to tame the laser, I managed to get good results in cutting and engraving.
Of course, we must not forget the precious help of George, who spares no effort and his availability.
You want a quality laser, you have to deal with Endurance Laser.

Herve Thieblemont

7/8 watt diode laser review (feedback)

8.5 watt+ diode laser review (feedback)

10 watt diode laser review (feedback)

10 watt (PLUS) + diode laser review (feedback)

I see there is a

I see there is a new dynamic PWM board to control the laser power, especially for the Shark. That should be a great addition, as George and Ilya helped me make a home-built version of that when I bought my Pro 10 plus almost two years ago. It works great for power control. I did change from direct connection to the Shark control box to a plug-in breakout board.

I started with Inkscape, which would produce vectors only, so pretty much just outlines of shapes and letters. In December 2021, I found that Vectric VCarve would work for laser. I use the VCarve Desktop Quick Engrave toolpath For the 10 watt laser focused at 0.5 inches, I have set my laser as a 0.06” end mill, at 31% stepover, feed rate depending on material, with the CNCShark HD4 Laser (inch) (*tap) postprocessor. This works well with either outline or fill and hatch settings. Fill and hatch does a nicer burn than fill and offset. Next Wave Automation offers a program called Raster which very easily transforms photos/JPEG pictures into a laser .tap file for engraving of photos. I use Google Paint 3D to crop photos, and to remove background of unwanted from the photo before engraving

I have used Raster on white spray painted ceramic tiles to engrave a picture of my daughter’s dogs. I also engraved a photo of a friend’s dog onto boards and used the VCarve to locate photo position on the board, and VCarve to add the letter engraving.

I have used the laser for engraving tiles with letters and photos, signs with lettering and lettering/photo combination. I also engraved mirrors, using reverse engraving to remove the reflective material on the mirrror backside. On a mirror with a flower engraved, I placed colored paper over the engraving for the flower color.

Mike Kothbauer


Endurance customers say about Endurance lasers & our tech support



The well travelled Laser. A real customer story about Endurance 10 watt SE laser >>>

Back in September 2021, Endurance Lasers dispatched a 10watt laser to me in Australia, using the standard Russian postal service.

Had not thought too much about it until late October, when I realized that I had seen/heard nothing regarding delivery.

Sent a quick note to George, and he advised that the Russian tracking number showed the unit arrived in Sydney on the 6th October. As I now had the tracking details, I keep watching it’s progress, but for the next 2 weeks, it did not move.

As our postal system was having issues with Covid19, it was not possible to ring and speak to anyone about it. Best that could be done was to send a request to chase it up via their website. Waited another week, and as nothing was heard, went to the local post office to see if they could find out anything about delivery. To my surprise, within 5 minutes they had located my package. The bad news was it was now sitting in a container, waiting to be sent back to Russia !!!!

Seems the postal service were not happy with the address, so started the process to return the package to the sender. Tried everything to get it removed from the container, but nothing worked.

Found out that the tracking number used on most incoming items is not visible to the receiver on the Aus Post web site. They use another number to deliver the item, UNLESS you pay more for postage and the it is trackable. This explained why the item looked like it was stuck in Sydney for weeks. It made it to within 8 klm of my house before it was “marked return to sender”.

I let George know what had happened and advised it could be months before it made it to Russia, as it was being returned via sea freight.

At around the 3rd week of Jan this year, though I would ask George if he could see if the laser had been returned. He was pleased to advise it had turned up.

As I was not willing to try the standard post again, I sorted things out with George, and he sent it again via DHL.

The unit was dispatched on the 24th Jan, and arrived at my front door on the 2nd Feb.

The box looked like it had been around the world, which it had !!!

I have a small 3018 Chinese laser engraver and intended to adapt the Endurance laser to it. George suggested I use the Creality CR10, as it would give a larger work area. I agreed.

A few days later, I was offered a Chinese 40watt C02 laser, with a blown tube. This I thought would work well with the new laser, as I would not have to make an enclosure for it. As it was not going to be available for a few weeks, I 3D printed a small adapter and mounted the laser on the 3018, just so I could give it a try.

The laser works as I expected, and was pretty simple to connect everything up. Where I needed help, the Endurance website had lots of information available.

So far, I have only cut some paper and engraved a few MDF sheets, giving me a chance to play with the power settings.

The 10watt laser will replace a 2.5watt Chinese unit, which has been replaced twice, as 2 of the heads became faulty. They were replaced under warranty by the Ebay seller, so I count myself lucky they stood by the product. The 3rd unit still works, but I am sure it is showing signs of failing, same as the other 2.

Below is a picture of the adapter I made to mount the unit to the 3018. I used some 35mm long 3mm bolts from the one of the faulty Chinese lasers to mount the adapter. Also there is a picture of the unit ready to go on the 3018. I will move the X axis gantry back by about 35mm, which should enable me to get 180mm of the usable work area with the 10watt laser.

When I get the C02 laser housing, I will see what is required to convert it over to the 10watt Diode laser.

All Endurance lasers testimonials, reviews. Leave your feedback!

All Endurance lasers testimonials, reviews. Leave your feedback!

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