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A real case showcase by Cephas Buck with an Endurance 10 watt Pro laser

An Endurance laser attachments (add-ons) for your 3D printer and CNC machine. Improve your 3D printer or CNC machine.


George asked me to share some experiences I have had using the Endurance 10W Pro laser. First, I would like to say that he has been extremely helpful, from the start, during my CNC laser journey.

I am using an Ortur Laser Master 2 CNC frame and replaced the OEM laser with the Endurance unit and do all engraving and cutting with Lightburn software. I took advantage of the 30 day trial for Lightburn and believe that it is the best $40 I ever spent for software. I use an OV5648 5MP USB camera I purchased on Amazon; Lightburn makes it so easy to position your laser with a camera.

I have used the laser to cut and engrave earrings for my daughters and granddaughters and etch on knife blades for myself other people. I buy thin hardwood online from Ocooch Hardwoods and am very happy with the product. I cut earrings for the younger girls using 1/16” material and for the older ones 1/8” material.


Proceed with a fast and secure checkout. Free DHL shipment worldwide. Get your laser in 3-5 days.

The settings I use for the earring cuts are:

1/16”: speed – 500 mm/min

power – 80%

passes – 3


1/8”: speed – 500 mm/min

power – 80%

passes – 6

I use air assist at 20 psi and get nice clean cuts.


I purchased earring files I found on Etsy to design and cut the earrings and the price is very reasonable.


To etch knife blades I clean the blades with acetone or lacquer thinner and spray three light coats of CRC Dry Moly Lube, waiting 15 minutes between each coat. The laser settings are:

speed – 50 mm/min

power – 90%

passes – 3


I have also done some etching on white tile and the procedure can be found on YouTube.

I hope the information is helpful and that you have as much enjoyment with your laser projects as I have with mine. I have received no compensation from Endurance Laser and all opinions are my own.


Cephas Buck