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Endurance demo videos

Please note, all video material are available for Endurance customers at any time.

Due to some reasons we removed our video from official channel, but if you want to watch some of them, just email to George Fomitchev and we will be able to help you!

Endurance demo video of laser cutting and laser engraving

Endurance can provide with examples of laser cutting and laser engraving process upon request.
We receive from a customers a different examples of materials that they want to try and we do it for free.
We like doing experiments with laser cutting and laser engraving)

Since 2015 we have made more than a hundred of different experiments and we provide an ultimate guide book of laser cutting and engraving parameters.

You have 3 parameters to control:
– Laser power
– Speed of engraving
– Amount of passes.

Keep in mind that white or transparent materials are harder to cut or engrave.
Some of our experiments showed that compressed air can speed laser cutting process and some showed that you need to avoid air on a surface (we suggest to cover with a piece of glass)

All Endurance lasers are good for laser engraving and laser cutting.
More powerful laser you have – more abilities you get.
For example, 8.5W+ and 10W both can engrave on stainless steel, copper, brass but have different speed.

On average you may cut 3-5 mm of wood and plywood with Endurance lasers using short focal lens and you may cut up to 10 mm on a long focal lens.
Having a Z axes allows to keep your laser focus that means – more accurate edges while engraving and cutting.

If you can not archive the results you saw on our video – it could be a few explanations:
1. You have a different material even if it looks the same.
2. You did not focus your laser accurately.
3. You do not have a full power of the laser (you need to check your power supply, power output, g-code)

Still, in all cases or if you are not confident – we are ready to help and assist.

Endurance DIY engraving machine demo
Endurance Wanhao DuPlicator i3 combo
Demo video of using Endurance laser machines
Endurance laser installed on MakeBlock XY plotter XY 2.0
Solid-state lasers and engraving machines for your business
Lasers and engravers for your home and small workshop

Laser cutting process

Laser engraving process

Why do our customers buy lasers and engraving machines from us?

  • Ability to choose the right laser or engraving machine. We help to qualify customer needs by phone / email / facebook messenger / telegram / whatsapp / viber. Our contact information
  • We provide qualified after-sales service.
  • Our lasers and engraving machines are fully assembled and ready to go.
  • Delivery time from 24 hours. All systems built to order.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • We provide with video tutorials and guidance.

Laser engraving for yourself and for your business.

Advantages of our lasers

  • Assembled in the USA.
  • Reliable. The guaranteed duration of continuous operation is 48 hours.
  • True continuous power output as advertised – unlike many Chinese analogues.
  • All our lasers cut plywood, felt, fabric, acrylic, leather.
  • All our lasers can engrave on leather, acrylic, plastic, plywood, wood.
  • Lasers with an output of 5.6W, 8W can engrave on anodized and painted aluminum, glass, or stone.

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Endurance demo videos
Endurance demo videos

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