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Spectral analysis of metals


Task: Perform a spectral analysis of Thorlabs adapters of the Thread set Adapter Kit and other kinds of materials

To complete the task, an Endurance DIY marking machine with DPSS laser modules with a wavelength of 1064 nm and a Sino galvanometer was used Galvo with an average power of 10 W. Link to the site with the possibility of purchasing


An Endurance DIY marking machine with 4 / 10 / 30 / 50 watt DPSS / Fiber (Raycus) laser modules with a Sino Galvo head.

Spectral analysis of metals

The machine has the following characteristics

Laser microspectral analysis , local emission spectral analysis is a method of qualitative analysis based on the absorption of focused laser radiation by the substance under study , the evaporation of a small amount of the substance, and the study of the emission spectrum of the torch formed as a result of evaporation.

Due to high temperature and other processes, excitation and ionization of evaporated atoms occurs with the formation of plasma.


The method allows you to work with microquantities of matter localized in a small volume and establish the qualitative (and in some cases quantitative) elemental composition of a wide variety of objects practically without their destruction.



For spectral analysis, we used the Aurora4000 spectrometer , a spectrometer built according to the classical symmetrical Czerny-Turner design (based on a diffraction grating), which is used to analyze the optical spectrum. The spectrometer uses a linear CCD matrix from Toshiba as a radiation receiver .

Spectral analysis of metals

Spectral range: 350 – 1100 nm

Spectral resolution up to 0.08 nm .

The entrance slit size is from 5 to 200 microns.

Detector with CCD matrix.

For spectral analysis we selected the following materials:
Stainless steel
Iron Titanium Aluminum
Adapter from the ThorLabs kit Thread Adapter Kit

Resulting material schedules:

Spectral analysis of metals

Spectral analysis of metals
Adapter Thorlabs
Spectral analysis of metals

Stainless steel Spectral analysis of metals

Steel Spectral analysis of metals

Spectral analysis of metals

Spectral analysis of metals



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