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Some interesting facts about Coronavirus

Some interesting facts about Coronavirus

Hi guys, you know that I do not like to speak about things I do not know.


So I want to a library, took 2 books and today I want to share with you some interesting facts about Coronavirus.

Family Coronaviridae

  • Size of a Coronaviridae is approx 100 nm (100x(10^-9) m)
  • floating density in CsCl is 1,23-1,24 g/cm^3
  • Stable in acids with pH 6,0-6,5.
  • Very sensitive to fat solvent.
  • Quickly inactivates if the temperature is 56 C.
  • Has only one genus Сoronavirus
  • Type species – avian infectious bronchitis virus


A family was described in 1968 [Aldeida J. D. et al., 1968]

There are 13 similar but not identical types of viruses in Coronaviridae family. 

The first research was made in 60-th by British researchers D. Tyrrell and Bynoe who studies “common cold”

Detailed research was made by McIntosh K., 1974.


Coronavirus has a pretty good stability in the temperature range -70-20C.

In temperature o 37C a virus dies within 10-12 hours.

UV lamps inactivate a coronavirus in 10-12 minutes.


In an adult, a coronavirus infection proceeds as a disease of the upper respiratory tract and manifests itself in the form of general malaise, headache, chills.


The disease is proceeding. usually without a rise in temperature.


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The main symptoms are a profuse runny nose, but along with it there is a defeat of other parts of the respiratory tract, including inflammation of the pharynx, cough, fever and general intoxication with a headache.

It quickly spreads to the lower respiratory tract and is often complicated by pneumonia.

Under natural conditions, a coronovirus infection can be combined with other diseases of a viral or bacterial nature.

Virus neutralizing antibodies in adults are found in 25-32% of cases in the USA and 37-91% in the UK.


The virus spreads by airborne droplets. The source of infection is a person with a clear or latent form of the disease. The incubation period is 3-4 days



So, everything new is well forgotten old thing…)


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