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Powerful diode (solid-state) lasers for 3D printers and CNC mills and engraving / cutting machines.

Endurance has invented a way to convert any 3D printer or CNC machine into a powerful laser marking / engraving / etching / cutting machine.
We produce laser attachments (add-ons) with 2.1W (2100 mW), 3.5W (3500 mW), 5.6W (5600 mW), 8W (8000 mW), 8.5W (8500 mW) and 10W (10000 mW) power output.

All laser designs were made by Endurance company.
By design we mean: electronics, laser housing and cooling system.
All Endurance lasers work on 445 nm wavelength.
All Endurance lasers have rated power output and can work continuously for 48-72 hours.
Endurance 10W laser is capable to work in impulse mode using TTL or optional frequency generator

Laser cut and laser engraving pictures

New designs of the 5.6W (5600 mW) and 8W (8000 mW) Endurance lasers (released in Sep 2017)

New design of 5.6W (5600 mW) and 8W (8000 mW) Endurance lasers (released in Septemeber 2017)

Endurance shares the information regarding our business.
Here we show our latest paid orders that were made on our web site!

Endurance lasers can help you to do a variety of nice things.
Laser cutting and laser engraving in one smart add-on module.
Having a TTL allows laser to change power therefore you may engrave halftones (grayscale)
With Endurance lasers you do not have limits when you want to create something. It is an ultimate tool for any artists, maker, hobbyist and enthusiast.
Dealing with the laser it is as easy as it has never been before. You may deal with bitmap (raster) and vector images, but also you may create g-code for further operation.

Samples of engraving and cutting
Can you make something better?
Share with us your samples or…

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