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Laser research opportunities – what you can do with the laser in medicine, biology, optics, chemistry, physics


Endurance shares ideas about laser research programs.

Endurance works mostly with diodes that have 405 nm / 445 nm /808 nm wavelength. The lasers with this wavelength are not well studied.

A lot of researches in medicine, biology, chemistry, optics, physics could be made using powerful diode lasers with 405 nm and 445 nm wavelength.

Endurance has created a frequency and intensity modulator which allows making different experiments with variable power output and frequency.


We would like to share some of our research ideas:


– Can the lasers of this wavelength remove warts?
– How does the laser affect cell mitosis?
– Can the laser with this wavelength affect cancer?
– What laser power will cause blindness if the laser beam shots an eye?
– Does the laser affect metabolic processes in cells?


– Can the laser stimulate the growth speed of any plants?
– Can the laser help find organic life?


– Can the laser with this wavelength and power less than 10 watt engrave on pure aluminum and such metals as Titanium?
– Can the laser speed up any chemical reactions?
– What chemicals are needed to do color metal engraving?
– Can the laser provoke uncontrollable chemical reactions?
– Can the laser change properties or states of liquids?
– Does the laser change its color in any gases?
– Can the laser help create different oxides and hydroxides?


– In what liquids and in what conditions can the speed of the laser light with 445 nm wavelength vary? What conditions are needed to stop the light with 445 nm wavelength?
– In what liquids can the laser create additional glowing?
– In what liquids can the laser wavelength increase or decrease?


– Can a laser create relativistic effects in a 10 – 100 μm point? If yes, then in what proportion?

Post a question that you consider important!


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01/23/19 – 06/30/19


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2 thoughts on “Laser research opportunities – what you can do with the laser in medicine, biology, optics, chemistry, physics

  1. Can a laser be configured to be an economically viable portable substitute for older cutting technologies like a grinding wheel or saw blade for cutting materials like wood, plastics, and concrete on a job site?

  2. We’re working hard to make everything smaller, portable, and of course economically viable. There are so many types of lasers and a lot of development. Traditional lasers cutting a 2×4 would be a fire hazard. Concrete may cut better with a water jet. Plastics, absolutely, we’ve mastered acrylics and other related materials.

    So they may not do it all yet, but they can expedite tasks on a job site. Like etching wood, plastics, and mark out concrete so that they can be cut precisely by hand. Marking, mapping, removing guess work, much more viable under your requested parameters.

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