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Florian Kelsch

As Former CEO of a small 3D Printing company I was always looking for the next step in production of prototypes or other gadgets for my customers.

Ive upgraded one of my 3D Printers with a China Laser and startet to cut out and engrave the first materials. I also started a Facebook group for DIY Lasercutting and Engraving and got a lot of experience with diode lasers and how to get the optimal output from them.

After a while I startet the Lasercutting and engraving as a small side business and wanted to get better laserperformance. That was the time Ive found George and was really excited to get one of his Lasers. Now Im here and helping the Community and help him to improve even more and share all my experience Ive already got with him.

The Endurance 10 Watt (10000 mW) laser “Invincible” module (add-on) with 445 nm wavelength for any 3D printer / CNC machine
The Endurance 10 Watt (10000 mW) laser “Invincible” module (add-on) with 445 nm wavelength for any 3D printer / CNC machine
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OpenBuilds ACRO System
OpenBuilds ACRO System


Florian Kelsch experts
after cleaning of the Dry Moly Lube
Florian Kelsch experts
before cleaning of the Dry Moly Lube


The Frame System Im using for my Laser:

3D View of my Z-Axis Upgrade:


Ive Started to design my Z-Axis upgrade by using a C-Beam. But it seemed to be very unusefull because of the size of it.

Usually it is enough for a Diode laser to be able to lift 10 to 30 mm in z direction. To get a slim design Ive planned with linear rails from igus GmbH with the T-Slot design. Ive put the Nema Motor (Which may be a slim edition in the future) at the back of the X-Slider to balance the weight a little.

To lift the Z-Axis I plan to use a M5 threaded rod which will be attached to the Laser mounting bracket.

All Parts can be 3D printed or Cut with the Laser, like the Brackets.

It is a simple Design and may be it will get more features in the future.


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