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  • TST-2060-FX2200 Metal Laser Cutting Machine

TST-2060-FX2200 Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Working area, mm – 3000×1500



Additional information

Laser power, W


Laser type


Wavelength, nm


Pulse frequency, Hz


Working area, mm


Ray quality, mrad


Positioning accuracy, mm


Minimum line width, mm


Cutting thickness, mm

0,2 -6.0

Cutting speed, mm/min


Software compatibility

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, PhotoShop

Supported formats




Cooling system

Chiller (water, circulation)

Power consumption, kW

Bed dimensions, mm

Control cabinet dimensions, mm

Chiller dimensions, mm

Installation area, mm

Weight, kg


The TST-FC3015 metal laser cutting machine based on a fiber optic laser is a technological equipment that combines optical, mechanical and electrical systems. The installation organically combines laser and computer technologies, high efficiency of CNC control systems. This achieves the possibility of rapid and efficient processing of a variety of metal materials. The process is characterized by speed, a clean surface and a small cutting width, a slight heating effect, which is especially important when cutting a metal sheet.
Metal laser cutting machine TST-FC3015 is widely used in various production and technological lines: metal shields and products, sheet metal structures, various electrical equipment cases, artistic constructions.

Main features:
High speed:
The working speed is 60m/min, and the cutting speed of 1mm stainless steel is 13.8m/min.
Discrete cutting:
high cutting speed, processing efficiency and accuracy
Scanning cutting:
short cutting distances without lifting the head.
Cutting and marking functions:
combination of two levels of power control (one for cutting and one for marking ) allows you to cut and mark on the same metal part at the same time.
Automatic edge detection function:
When the metal sheet is uneven, the machine can automatically detect and correct the cutting process, thereby reducing waste and eliminating the need to reposition the material.< br> Memorizing cutting parameters when power is off:
When the power is suddenly turned off, the program saves the parameters of the cutting stop point in memory, after power is applied, you can start the cutting process from the point and stop.
Proportional valve installed:
A program is used to automatically change and control the air pressure, which eliminates the need for manual adjustment and saves you a lot of time.
Stable desktop:
Uses 16mm steel panel casing, weight about 5 tons, double drive, anti-aging treatment, stress relief test, long-lasting high speed operation without shape distortion. with 26 °C temperature control in the control unit, extends the life of electronic devices and reduces energy costs in the enterprise.
High efficiency of electro-optical conversion:
The fiber laser can convert up to 30% of electrical energy into laser radiation. The high conversion efficiency determines the low energy consumption of the fiber laser.
Low operating costs
Thanks to the eco-friendly technology, the energy consumption is three times lower than that of a CO2 laser. No laser gas required, no complex optical system, minimal production cost, air cutting cost as low as $1.95/hr.


Portal type mechanical structure, compact installation in small area.

A. Weight 5 t, 16 steel rectangular tube mm, steel panel 25mm thick.

B. Balanced and decent appearance, military industry technology and wear resistance, high working efficiency and stable performance, more than 10 years service life.


1. High-precision CNC worktable.

2, Specially designed small pneumatic rollers on which the metal sheet slides along the bed to facilitate loading for cutting.

3, Aluminium-plated open workbench to accommodate the cutting sheet.

“IPG” fiber laser generator.

Rack-mounted ytterbium fiber laser module, low power consumption: energy saving and environmental protection. The photoelectric conversion coefficient reaches 25-30%. Low electrical power consumption is only about 20%-30% compared to traditional CO2 laser cutting machine. Service life exceeds 100,000 hours with almost free maintenance.

Optical System.

Fiber optic transmission eliminates the need for reflective mirrors, optical path correction, the laser source does not require complex laser beam transmission system, the laser beam is fixed and only focused by a single mirror on the surface of the material to be cut.

Auto focusing height follower.

US improved technology and adapted Chinese patents, automatic sensor reads capacitance from the tip of the insulated cutting nozzle to the metal being processed. Then this data is fed into the height follower controller, and in the presence of a wavy surface of the metal sheet, the focus height follower maintains a constant distance between the focal lens and the plane of the metal sheets during cutting, thereby achieving a stable quality of the process. This avoids defects caused by corrugated metal surfaces, as well as damage to the nozzle head.

Anti-crash laser head made in the USA.

Good seals, high pressure resistance, auto-tracking, anti-collision and stop systems help protect good cut quality and extend lens life.

Drive system.

1. The imported servo drive system can realize the most accurate positioning, excellent dynamic response of the acceleration parameter and feedback control, which ensures smooth, reliable operation of the movement and positioning mechanism that does not require maintenance.

2. Accuracy of a binding of engines of movement on axes X, Y, Z:? ±0.04mm.

Imported ball screw.

Diameter 50mm, other similar suppliers only use 25-30mm diameter.

Imported linear guides.

Higher speed, lower noise, high accuracy and long service life.

Gearbox made in Germany.

Mounted on the Y-axis, protects the ball screw and keeps the mechanism running smoothly.

Control system: industrial PC, easy operation and automatic programming. Equipped with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) function to protect your computer. In the event of a sudden power outage, you will have some time to save files to your computer.

Laser power supply system:

laser power supply is adapted to the latest developments on switched power sources, it consists of the main circuit, channels of control, protection, pre-ignition and maintenance circuit with a protection device for flow, pressure, water flow.

The signal indicator draws the attention of the operator and personnel that the machine is running.

Air conditioning in the control tower.

Cooling the electronic components and the laser power supply.

The control tower is maintained at 26°C to prolong the life of electronic devices. At ambient temperatures between -5 and -45 °C, installation of additional air conditioners in the production area is not required.

Cooling system.

Class 5p water chiller with high-precision temperature control display, chiller compressor (famous imported brand), evaporator with high quality titanium tubes (evaporator with stainless steel plates for non-standard products), multi-stage circulation pumps with stainless steel parts, filters used in refrigerant drying systems, thermal expansion valve to achieve high quality and efficiency and low noise operation.

Centrifugal fan.

Low-noise centrifugal fan is standard, reduces metal dust pollution caused by indoor metalworking; maintains the health of personnel.

A proportional valve (brand “SMC”) is installed, used to control air pressure and cut a hole. Allows the use of oxygen and nitrogen cutting within the whole process on one workpiece, the program will automatically change the gas.

Cutting control operating system software, support for AutoCAD, CorelDraw:

professional cutting control program that supports cutting paths in dxf, plt and other graphic formats; the ability to set process parameters at various levels; merging of joining lines, providing automatic junction of curve nodes; smoothing of inflection lines for a smooth cut; Immediate optimization upon completion of the graphic project, thereby increasing the productivity of the process.

The use of compensation function in this professional cutting control program allows you to obtain various classes of cutting accuracy.

Nesting program .

1. Fully functional control capabilities and a complete solution for the implementation of the cutting process are provided.

2. Multi-sheet process optimization and coordination functions greatly increase overall utilization. The advanced and practical optimization function greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of the cutting process.

3. Powerful GPU and import capabilities, all versions of CAD file formats are also supported. /br></br >


• Base (table) – 1 pc.
• Laser emitter with drives – 1 pc.
• Laser power supply system – 1 pc.
• Cooling system (chiller) – 1 pc.
• Exhaust system – 1 pc.
• Control system with computer – 1 pc.
• Software – 1 pc.
• Operation manual and software – 1 pc.
• Set of accessories (SPTA) – 1 pc.


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