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  • TST-1530-DW1000 Metal Laser Cutting Machine

TST-1530-DW1000 Metal Laser Cutting Machine

  • Workable area (X,Y,Z), mm – 6000x2000x120
  • Maximum cutting speed – 25m/min


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Additional information

Laser Power2200W
Laser sourceFiber optic emitter Raycus (China)
Workable area (X,Y,Z), mm6000x2000x120
Maximum cutting speed25m/min
Positioning accuracy (X,Y,Z)≤±0.05mm/1000mm
Repetition accuracy≤±0.02mm
Maximum cutting thicknessCarbon steel: 20mm
Stainless steel: 8mm
Aluminum: 6mm
Laser headRaitools BT240 equipped with surface tracking autofocus system material
DriveYaskawa servo motors (Japan) X-axis – 1800W, Y-axis – a pair of 1300W, Z-axis – 850W
TransmissionYYC rails (Taiwan), Shi reducer mpo Japan
GuidesHIWIN (Taiwan)
Power consumption≤15kW
Machine dimensions, mm7850х3650х1700
Chiller size, mm (packed)900х680х1175
Machine weight (table + chiller + CNC), kg4.7t


The TST-2060-FX2200 metal laser cutting machine is a new high-speed laser cutting machine
with a fiber optic laser emitter and an electronic control system (CNC). The increased power of the servomotors and the lighter gantry significantly increase head feed rates and overall productivity. The machine is designed specifically for cutting large sheets 2000x6000mm. As a result of cutting, a clean edge is obtained that does not require further processing, heating of products is minimal and occurs in a limited area, the cutting width is very small, which allows cutting complex contours and saving material.

Main features:
Highly efficient low loss optical path, fast cutting speed, narrow cut, clean surface after cutting, no further processing required.
High adaptability, able to cut irregular surfaces due to auto-focusing.
Good cut quality, no thermal deformation due to small heating zone.
High cutting precision, allows to produce precision products without further processing.

Advantages of fiber optic laser:
RAYCUS laser source, a well-established Chinese brand of fiber optic sources.
High efficiency.
High stability and quality of radiation.
Long service life of the pump source – up to 100000 hours.

Widely used in various industries – aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, instrument making, metal cutting, advertising, etc. .) guaranteeing high cutting precision.
Professional software (CAD support, CorelDraw) with which you can easily design graphic and text files.


• Laser source – 1pc
• Laser head – 1pc
• Head height tracking system – 1pc
• Chiller – 1pc
• Industrial computer – 1pc
• Cable set – 1pc
• Accessory set – 1pc




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