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Best Endurance Photo Maker Competition (Winners are announced)

Best Endurance Photo Maker Competition (Winners are announced)
Best Endurance Photo Maker Competition (Winners are announced)
Best Endurance Photo Maker Competition (Winners are announced)

Dear Endurance customers let’s share the best results of your laser cutting or laser engraving!

This competition was made for Endurance customers

2-nd Photo Maker Competition

Starts: 18-th of March 2019

Ends: 1-th of May 2019

Winner announcement: Due to lack of time a winner will be announced on 4-th of May!

(tomorrow on 5-th I will announce, I promise)


Contest gallery

2-nd Photo Maker Competition Terms and Conditions

First winner prize: 100$.

Cougar on white birch – Engraved with an EleksMaker 2watt A3 pro – T2Laser

Second winner prize: 50$.
Ayesha A – Model Plane 3mm Solid Beech Cut & Engraved using 10 watt+ Laser

Third winner prize: 25$.
Rolling Pins
Clint (Tom Ash)

Special prize: 10 watt DIY laser kit.
Dave Hoskins Fox on 3.5w module

What do you need to do?!

Share your pictures in our Flickr group too.
Send me an email with your paypal address.

Nota bene

1. Compete fair.
2. Max 5 images from one participant.
3. Check this page on the 2-nd of May to see if you are a winner.
4. When you upload the image add your name and surname e.g. “George I. Fomitchev’s first laser engraving”.
5. All winners need to send me their shipping address of PayPal account.

Our judges

George I Fomitchev

George I Fomitchev

CEO and a founder of Endurance

Best Endurance Photo Maker Competition (Winners are announced)

William Donald

Hello im william donald from inov3d i started 3d printing about 3 years ago and i have never stopped!. The 3d Printing world amazes me ever evolving and it caters for allot of different hobby’s.

Improve your 3D printer / CNC with the Endurance laser
Best Endurance Photo Maker Competition (Winners are announced)

Ed Christman

I’m Ed Christman 43 from Texas USA. I bought my first laser engraver in December 2018 to make Christmas presents for my family, a month later it has turned into almost a full time job!

Soon photo will be added

Mike O’Connor

Mike comes from a family of makers. Great grandfather was a blacksmith.
Grandfather the same. Father was one when young and wents engineering
school and eventually got a degree in engineering. I’m grew up around a
factory building ‘Wool Sampling Machines‘ ( Mike first learn about CNC’s and gcode at age 14 when a CNC lathe was
purchased by the family business and as the only person on not busy Mike
was taught to program the machine and spent his summer holidays running
it. Mike has a comp sci degree and was involved with the development of
consumer internet in South Australia. Now days he writes the control
code for Wooltech Sampling Machines using Clockwork a language he and
another person developed. Mike presented at LCA 2019 on the Clockwork in Christchurn this year.

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