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Setting up

It is very easy to setup an Endurance L-Cheapo laser on almost any 3D printer or CNC machine.

Takes less than 60 minutes to setup

Russian version

  • Depending on your printer, add a header to the L-Cheapo’s terminals. This will connect in place of your extruder’s heater.
  • If you have a CNC tool with a spindle, rather than a 3D printer, the L-Cheapo Assembly CNC (link) instructions show how to switch between laser and spindle.
  • Mount the L-Cheapo on your extruder, either by screws or zip ties.
  • Lower the Z axis. If you have a kickstand, lower it in place.
  • Screw the lens assembly on the bottom of the laser module almost all the way out — it should not come off (if it does, just screw it back in a little). Make sure it is fully extended.
  • Put your protection plate on the print bed, if you have one. If you don’t have one, make sure to get yourself a protection plate because the laser can and will damage your device’s build plate.
  • With protection goggles on, disconnect your printer’s extruder and connect the L-Cheapo laser.
  • Send the M104 S100 command to your printer (or otherwise turn on the extruder). The laser will light up. If it doesn’t, switch the + and — contacts around; the extruder heater is resistive, so there is no standard configuration for it. The L-Cheapo has a protection diode and is safe to connect backwards, although it won’t work, so just try again with the connector flipped!
  • Use the crown on the bottom of the laser assembly to focus the laser by screwing the lens back in. The optimal focal distance is 3 to 4 inches, depending on your printer or CNC setup. We recommend using a piece of paper or cardboard as the target — when you see smoke, your laser is focused!
  • Send the M104 S0 command to turn the laser off!

STL files to upgrade a laser mount

Download here

Lasers and engravers made by Endurance.

Why do our customers buy lasers and engraving machines from us?

+ Ability to choose the right laser or engraving machine. We help to qualify customer needs by phone / email / facebook messenger / telegram / whatsapp / viber.
+ We provide qualified after-sales service.
+ Our lasers and engraving machines are fully assembled and ready to go.
+ Delivery time from 24 hours. All systems built to order.
+ Lifetime warranty.
+ We provide with video tutorials and guidance.

Laser engraving for yourself and for your business.

Advantages of our lasers

+ Assembled in the USA.
+ Reliable. The guaranteed duration of continuous operation is 48 hours.
+ True continuous power output as advertised - unlike many Chinese analogues.
+ All our lasers cut plywood, felt, fabric, acrylic, leather.
+ All our lasers can engrave on leather, acrylic, plastic, plywood, wood.
+ Lasers with an output of 5.6W, 8W can engrave on anodized and painted aluminum, glass, or stone.

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