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Laser engraving as a hobby

Please note, all video material are available for Endurance customers at any time.

Due to some reasons we removed our video from official channel, but if you want to watch some of them, just email to George Fomitchev and we will be able to help you!

Imagine, create with Endurance lasers. Laser engraving as a hobby.

The life is dull and sad without an interesting hobby. If your hobby is laser engraving, you will never be bored. It will give your fancy full scope!

Using Endurance semiconductor (diode) lasers, you can decorate your personal belongings with unique engravings, leave your trade mark or your own initials on your wallet or other items. The power output level in our lasers can be changed, making it possible to create halftones and shadows, achieving a three-dimensional effect of the engraved image.

The possibilities of Endurance lasers are not limited to engraving. With their help, you can cut out workpieces of the necessary shapes and sizes from wood, plastic, acrylic or leather. For radio amateurs, an excellent opportunity to manufacture a printed circuit board with their own hands is opened.

But this is just a small part of the semiconductor lasers application. We are pretty confident that you will find how to use Endurance semiconductor lasers in your industry. Endurance provides users with technical characteristics and performance of their lasers on its website in the section “laser engraving”. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will tell you more about our developments, and also help you with the choice of the laser.

Our lasers are easy and practical to work with. The engraving programs interface is understandable to any user, and you can easily master it.

It is crucial to remember to wear safety goggles when working with laser devices. Besides, some materials may release toxic combustion products. When cutting plastics, acrylic, PVC use exhaust ventilation system to exclude hazardous effects of toxic gases (such as chlorine vapor), which are formed during the evaporation of materials under the influence of high temperatures during the operation of the laser.

Unfortunately, the field of semiconductor (diode) lasers application is not unlimited. These lasers cannot so far engrave or cut transparent and ceramic materials. Our team is working on this issue and hope to find a solution to this problem soon.

We will be very happy if you decide in favor of our products. Endurance is always ready to cooperate and help you solve your problems.

Enjoy engraving!

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