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AC DC power supply (PSU) test.

About diode (solid-state) lasers.

Stand for testing the load capacity of power sources.

The stand consists of a DC-DC converter, with a load variable resistor connected to it, rated at 3.3 ohms (bottom left). Voltmeters are connected to the input and output of the converter. An ammeter is connected in series with the load resistance. Testing is carried out at an input voltage of 12 V, output – 5 V, until the protection of the power source is triggered, or up to a current of 10 A.

Wiring diagram

AC DC power supply (PSU) test.

Tested Power adapters (PSU):
12 v AC-DC power adapters
AC-DC JDT-60W 12V 5A
LX1205 12V 5A
No name 1230 12V 3 A
Live Power LP-358 12V 6A
Live Power LP-388 12V 8A

What do you need to have?


1. Tested AC DC
2. Step down DC DC
3. Voltmeter + ammeter
4. Rheostat
5. Wires and connectors

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