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Endurance add-on laser box (extension module)

Laser box (special acrylic edition)

Endurance laser box (kit)

STLs are free to download.
Endurance laser box kit

For the most advanced and professional laser users we offer a special laser extension module.

laser extenstion
That module has:
– Temperature sensor
– Voltmeter and ammeter
– Additional heatsink TEC cooling module
– Arduino frequency and power adjustment module
– Safety on/off button

Temperature sensor shows the real laser temperature on a diode.
We recommend to operate the laser and check the temperature – it should not be more than 70C.

Voltmeter and ammeter show the current laser diode power consumption.
This information can help you to understand which power does the laser work.

For example, if the max is 5V 5.5A and current power consumption is 4V 3A – then it means that the laser works in about 35-45% of its max power.

Additional heatsink TEC cooling module is installed on a heatsink. This keeps the diode cooler and increases efficiency and power output.

Arduino frequency and power adjustment module allow changing duty ratio for the laser as well as the frequency of the laser on/off period.
The duty ratio is a parameter for laser power while the frequency is more used when you want to get a flickering effect.
The flickering effect is more equal to the impulse mode. While you do impulse – the laser can do more power output.

Safety button is a useful feature when you need to turn off the laser.

Connect your laser box to your laser modules

Changing laser power via TTL

10 watt+ laser with an Endurance laser box

About using a laser box

Laser box & Laser control board switch positions

Laser control board

Laser control board

Laser box (standard)

Endurance add-on laser box (extension module)

Laser box (alternative)

Endurance add-on laser box (extension module)

What do you need to assemble your own Laser box

Step down DC-DC converters
2 position switch button
3 position switch button
temperature sensor
Fan 12V 50*50*10 mm
12V power connector jack
Arduino nano
Power Transistor IRFZ44N
Set of 4 resistors for Endurance MO1 PCB
PC817 Optocoupler
Zener diode
Development board
Thick red wire 1.5 meters
Thick black wire 1.7 meters
Flexible red wire 70 cm
Black flexible wire 70 cm
Plastic clamp
screws 3×20 6pcs
screws3x12 1pcs
nut m3 3pcs

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Endurance lasers special deal

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