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  • TST-XT6020T Metal Laser Cutting Machine 1000W

TST-XT6020T Metal Laser Cutting Machine 1000W



Additional information

Laser power, W

≤ 200W (adjustable)

Laser type


Wavelength, nm


Laser spot diameter, mm

0.1-3.0 (adjustable)

Welding depth, mm


Max. pulse energy


Laser pulse frequency, Hz

≤ 50

Pulse duration, ms

≤ 20

Precise positioning system

Microscope, 10x magnification/camera (optional)

Power consumption, kW

≤ 6

Power supply


Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm


Net weight, kg


Cooling system

Water (chiller)


The TST-W200J desktop laser welding machine is designed for spot laser welding of jewelry, eyeglass frames, dentures and other products made of various metals and alloys. A wide range of operating modes of the installation allows you to weld various materials with a thickness from several tens of micrometers to several millimeters. ), as well as in spectacle repair shops and laboratories for the manufacture and repair of dentures.

conditions, but also in repair shops. The laser welding machine is equipped with a microscope for precise welding of the smallest workpieces and an LCD display.

• Small heat-affected zones
• High-precision positioning
• High welding speed
• High-quality solder joints
• Adjustable laser power
• Adjustable laser spot
• Memory for 50 welding modes
• Mobility

Materials used:
Gold, silver, platinum, titanium, various types of metals and their alloys.


• Laser machine – 1 pc.
• Cooling system (Chiller) – 1 pc.
• Extractor hood – 1 pc.
• Software CD – 1 pc.
• User’s manual and software – 1 pc.
• A set of accessories – 1 pc.


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