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  • TSG-C500 500W Metal Laser Cutting Machine

TSG-C500 500W Metal Laser Cutting Machine

  • Workable area (X,Y,Z), mm – 2500x1300x120
  • Maximum cutting speed – 25m/min


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Additional information

Laser Power300/500/750/1000W
Laser sourceRaycus fiber optic emitter (China)
Workable area (X,Y,Z), mm2500x1300x120
Maximum cutting speed25m/min
Positioning accuracy (X,Y,Z)≤±0.05mm/1000mm
Repetition Accuracy≤±0.05mm
Maximum Cutting ThicknessCarbon steel: 3-12mm
Stainless steel: 2-6mm
Aluminum: 1-4mm
Laser headRaytools RT210 (Switzerland), equipped with an autofocus system with material surface tracking
DriveYaskawa servo motors (Japan) X axis – 750W, Y axis – pair of 750W each, Z axis – 400W
TransmissionK rails H (Taiwan), KEFENG gearbox (China)
GuidesPMI/ABBA (Taiwan)
Control systemCypcut
Power380V/ 50Hz/100A
Power consumption≤10kW
Machine dimensions, mm (packed)4080x2000x2120
Chiller size, mm (packed)800x560x1060
Machine weight (table+chiller+CNC),kg4.8t


Metal laser cutting machine TST-1325-FX300-1000 is a new generation of economical laser cutting machine with fiber optic laser emitter and electronic control system (CNC). The machine is equipped with a new lightweight portal made of manganese alloys, light and durable. Minimum deformation during long-term operation. The speed of work is increased due to the increased accelerations at start / deceleration and at corners. The machine allows you to quickly and efficiently process metal sheets, well suited for processing standard sheets 1250x2500mm. As a result of cutting, a clean edge is obtained that does not require further processing, heating of products is minimal and occurs in a limited area, the cutting width is very small, which allows cutting complex contours and saving material.

Main features:
Highly efficient low loss optical path, fast cutting speed, narrow cut, clean surface after cutting, no further processing required.
High adaptability, able to cut irregular surfaces due to auto-focusing.
Good cut quality, no thermal deformation due to the small heating zone.
High cutting precision, allows you to produce precision products without further processing.

Advantages of fiber laser:
RAYCUS laser source, the most reliable brand in China. Machines of this series are equipped with emitters from 300 to 1000 W and allow cutting ferrous metal up to 12 mm with excellent quality
High efficiency.
High stability and quality of radiation.
Long service life of the pump source – up to 100,000 hours.
< br>
Widely used in various industries – aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, instrument making, metal cutting, advertising, etc.
TST-1530-FX300-1000 metal laser cutting machines are equipped with imported, guaranteeing high cutting precision.
Professional software (supporting CAD, CorelDraw) with which you can easily design graphic and text files.


• Laser source – 1pc
• Laser head – 1pc
• Head height tracking system – 1pc
• Chiller – 1pc
• Industrial computer – 1pc
• Cable set – 1pc
• Accessory set – 1pc




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