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  • TSG-C300150 Metal Laser Cutting Machine 650W

TSG-C300150 Metal Laser Cutting Machine 650W



Additional information


Laser power, W


Laser type


Wavelength, nm


Pulse frequency, Hz


Working area, mm


Laser stability, %


Positioning accuracy, mm


Repetition accuracy, mm/min


Minimum cutting width, mm


Cutting thickness, mm


Cutting speed, mm/min


Software Compatibility

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, PhotoShop

Supported formats


Cooling system

Chiller 5P (water, circulation)

Power consumption, kW


Machine dimensions, mm</p >


Chiller dimensions, mm


Installation area, mm


Weight, kg



The TSG-C500 metal laser cutting machine is a technological equipment that combines optical, mechanical and electrical systems. The installation organically combines laser and computer technologies, high efficiency of CNC control systems. This achieves the possibility of rapid and efficient processing of a variety of metal materials. The process is characterized by speed, a clean surface and a small cutting width, a slight heating effect, which is especially important when cutting a metal sheet.
Metal laser cutting machine TSG-C500 is widely used in various production and technological lines: metal shields and products, sheet metal structures, various electrical equipment cases, artistic structures.

Key features:
• High beam quality and stability
• High efficiency low loss optical path
• Clean and smooth surface after cutting
• Can be cut without using oxygen and other gases
• High cutting precision allows you to make precision products without further processing
• Auto-focus for cutting uneven surfaces
• Imported servo motor – Panasonic.
• Imported reduction system.
• Imported Hiwin high-quality rails .
• The most advanced capacitive auto focus tracking system.
• Cast iron laser generator holder.
• Stable and advanced signal processor based control system (DSP SCM) as motion control module.

Machine Features:
• With special design for 1064nm Nd:YAG (Nd:YAG) solid state laser source, this machine is the best well suited to the processing of metal materials.
• The moving parts have a two-dimensional layout, which makes it easy to install the materials to be processed.
• The machine is completely designed in an all-in-one principle, which makes it easy to install.
• High precision: precision cutting a variety of fine workpieces and arts and crafts.
• Small hot zone, high stability, smooth and accurate laser cutting, no post-processing required.
• Consistent performance: perfected YAG-laser cutting machine ideal source for most metal fabrication and processing industries.
• Numerous product benefits compared with a CNC punching press:
1. A design of any complexity, traced on a computer, can in turn be made on a laser cutting machine with a YAG source and CNC.
2. After forming an image on a computer, the product can be immediately produced without the use of molding technology, which contributes to the accelerated development of new products and a significant reduction in their cost.
3. Both program cutting and surface cleaning can be performed using the automatic tracing system of a YAG laser machine.
4. With the laser cutting machine, complex processes that are difficult to implement with a CNC stamping press become available.
5. The machine can produce high-quality products with a surface finish that is difficult to obtain with a stamping press.
6. A machine with a YAG laser can cut round and square pipes, which is not achievable with a stamping press.
7. Using a laser cutting machine with a YAG source, it is easy to produce a body of a molded product (thickness less than 0.5 meters) with the necessary slots and holes, which is unattainable with a CNC punching press.

Technical advantages:
• Advanced solid-state ND:YAG laser technology, dual xenon lamp design, high power output, gold-plated laser cavity, improved energy efficiency.
• Completely metal-enclosed and a dust-proof optical system, greatly extending the life of the mirrors and solving the problem of laser power reduction on a machine used for several days.
• Panasonic’s latest A5 series servo motor, capable of auto-compensating the cutting path with guaranteed accuracy.
• The most The advanced capacitive auto-focus system maintains a constant distance between the laser head and the metal plate during high-speed movement.
• Powerful editing function is compatible with a variety of display programs with traditional CNC code processing already optimized.
• Special quenching type tracking system, combined with a powerful smoke device

• The laser holder is made of cast iron and has sufficient strength and rigidity to avoid deformation during long-term use, causing the beam path to deviate.

Main components configuration:




Switching laser power supply system

High-frequency pulsed laser cutting.

Stable power,
stable performance.

YAG laser emitter system

Designed and constructed with German technology.

The highly reflective gold-plated surface ensures maximum laser energy transmission.

Laser machine optical system

Totally metal-enclosed and dust-proof optical system.

Prolongs the life of mirrors.

Positioning system

Red light position indicator

A thin red beam with a small spot indicates the current position with high accuracy.

Fully automatic tracking system

The most advanced capacitive non-contact tracking system

Provides cutting quality by automatically adjusting the focal length during the process.

Cutting head system

Special magnetic reinforced cutting head.

Effectively protects the cutting head from heating by the products of the process.

Drive system

Panasonic servo drive, Japan.

High speed and stability of rotation, reliability in operation, able to automatically compensate for free play and ensure cutting accuracy.

Lubrication system

Centralized oil supply system.

Effectively ensure the accuracy and extend the life of moving parts

CNC system

Computer control, special programs for CNC laser cutting machine.

High-speed VLSI motion control signal processor ensures cutting accuracy.

Drawing format support

Compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc.

File support: PLT, Al, DXF, DST, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, TIF, etc.

Circulating cooling system

Temperature stabilized 7P type external water cooling system.

Provides effective cooling of the laser cavity and mirrors.

Cutting speeds using oxygen:
Stainless steel:
0.5 mm: 4500 mm/min
1.0 mm: 3000 mm/min
2.0 mm: 1200 mm/min
3.0 mm: 1000 mm/min
4.0 mm: 500 mm/min

Carbon steel:
1.0 mm: 2000 mm/min
2.0 mm: 1500 mm/min
3.0 mm: 1000 mm/min
4.0 mm: 800 mm/min
5.0 mm: 550 mm/min
6.0 mm: 500 mm/min

0.5 mm: 500 mm/min
1.0 mm: 350 mm/min
2.0 mm: 250 mm/min
3.0 mm: 200 mm/min

0.5mm: 600mm/min
1.0mm: 400mm/min
1.5mm: 300mm/min

Applicable materials:
Ideal for cutting stainless, carbon, alloy and spring steel, copper and aluminum sheet, gold, silver and titanium, cylindrical products and pipes.


• Base (table) – 1 pc.
• Laser emitter with drives – 1 pc.
• Laser power supply system – 1 pc.
• Cooling system (chiller) – 1 pc.
• Exhaust system – 1 pc.
• Control system with computer – 1 pc.
• Software – 1 pc.
• Operation manual and software – 1 pc.
• Set of accessories (SPTA) – 1 pc.


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