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I recently decided to upgrade

I recently decided to upgrade my Ortur LM2 15wPS to a larger laser unit. Mind you I only upgraded the laser unit itself, still the same frame.
After searching for days I ended up going with the Endurance Deluxe 10w laser unit. So glad I did. Amazingly George at Endurance was actually online the day after Christmas and answered all my questions. Was in constant communication via email as well. Very passionate about his product. The constant communication alone was a top decider for me.

My largest move to a 10w laser was for more power. I cut 3-4mm wood for ornaments and other laser cut items. My prior laser unit although worked fine just was taking way to long thus causing me to babysit jobs constantly. I was glued down to my unit since you do NOT want to leave a laser running unoccupied. The Endurance laser shaved 2/3rds my time and cuts are much cleaner. I do use air assist.

Another great bonus to buying this unit was its power and focus. I engrave white ceramic tiles for coasters as well and the quality of the photo image I’m engraving on them improved 300% if not more. Another win. I belong to laser face book groups and many were floored when I shown them my testing ceramic tile tests. The quality is just that much higher!

Setup was easy on my Ortur Frame and the parts appear to be well made. Love the cooling temp gauge on the laser unit control box. I only run my laser at around 80% or lower and so far I have not gone above 22 degrees Celsius. Win! One reason for Diode Lasers dying prematurely is heat and heavy usage. I think Endurance provides a strong fan on their unit and the temp gauge is a plus to keep an eye on the temperatures.

Would I buy again, yes! 100% Yes. Thanks Endurance!

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