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I purchased two 10 watt

I purchased two 10 watt laser modules, one for a friend that I had built a large machine for and one for myself. I have built the machine for myself also, but am still waiting on a couple of parts to come, so I decided to modify one of my 3D printers to accept the laser so I could do some experiments with the laser and setup various settings and buttons for LaserGRBL software that I intend to use with the laser.
My first results blew me away, I couldn’t believe how powerful this laser is compared to the Chinese laser that is supposed to be more powerful.
I designed a button for doing a cut around an image that I engraved, the button would use the Z axis to adjust the cutting height between passes and then return to the original position after cutting.
The results that I will video at a later date were that I could cut and outline 1mm outside of the image very cleanly. The material I used was 7mm pinewood, 2 passes set at full power and 250mm/min.
The edges of the cut were so clean, looked like they were polished, amazing.
I will spend some more time and record my progress while learning more about these Endurance lasers, and then post videos and reports online in order to help others.
If you are using LaserGRBL and would like to add your own 2 pass outline cut button, here is the code I wrote. By adding another level and a few small changes, you can make a 3 pass button as well.

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