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I purchased a 5.6 Laser

I purchased a 5.6 Laser from Endurance not knowing what I was letting myself in for.
I spoke with George many times and he reassured me that it would meet my application needs, anyway 7 days later it turned up from Russia ( very quick I thought) inside was a nice new laser and mo board which I knew nothing about any way after a few connection problems and fantastic help from George and the Endurance Facebook page I was up and running but I was not 100% happy as the Lens would not focus properly Guess what MSG to George 5 days later not one but two replacement lenses and Boom the Laser is so hot on the money and so precise that I am doing things with it that I never thought possible.
If you are thinking of getting a first laser or a replacement I would 100% recommend Endurance.
Marks out of 10
Product 10
Ease of use 10
Support 10
Everything else 10
Many thanks to George and Endurance

Gerald Gunter 1 happy customer.

5.00/5 Article rating 1 reviews

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