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Do you have a 3D printer or CNC machine?
Looking for the way to improve it and add new abilities?

You need an Endurance laser attachment that will convert your 3D printer or CNC machine into a laser cutting / engraving machine.
Very easy to install and setup.
Does not require additional software or skill sets.

№1 customer support in laser industry.

Endurance presents a solid-state (diode) laser add-on (attachment) that will convert your 3D printer or CNC machine into a powerful laser cutting/engraving machine.

Your 3D printer or CNC router will get an ultimate ability to cut wood, plywood, acrylic, ABS, PLA, hardboard, cardboard, balsa, MDF, felt, fabric, leather, and many other materials. This laser attachment allows doing laser engraving/etching on any surfaces including stainless steel, copper, brass, anodized aluminum, glass, acrylic.

Endurance lasers help do laser marking and laser cutting at home or in a small workshop.

All Endurance lasers have real rated power output. All lasers can operate in impulse and in CW mode.



Endurance announces a DPSS laser module.

Now you can engrave on any metal like professional.

10 watt DPSSL 1064 nm wavelength.

  • 57-kilowatt maximum peak power
  • 57 microns (uM) laser beam size
  • 10 000 hours lifetime
  • Fast and accurate engraving on any metallic surfaces
  • Compatible with all 3D printer / CNC machines / XY plotters

Learn more about Endurance DPSSL

TOP SALES! The best laser head for your 3D printer / CNC machine / engraving frame.




Honest review of an Endurance 10 watt laser by DATULAB TECH. Making a plywood lamp

Endurance 10 watt laser module

Engrave better with Endurance lasers! Visit our store 👆


An Endurance laser attachments (modules) for your 3D printer and CNC machine.

Laser add-ons for your 3D printer / CNC machine, Upgrade a 3D printer or a CNC machine today!

Your advanced 3D printer / CNC machine improvement!

An Endurance 10 watt laser review by Datulab Tech

Super abilities of an Endurance 10 watt laser: engraving on steel, stainless steel, glass, ceramics and anodized aluminum

An Endurance 10 watt (10000 mW) plus laser head presentation. Full video guide
One of my first tests with the 10w+ kit. I did the outline first to test the focusing and then a scan. Bamboo 2400mm/min @ 60% power. Very happy with the results (by Sal Gironda)



Metal laser engraving with 30 watt laser

Endurance Laser 8 watt on a CNC machine. Test Video 1

an Endurance 10 watt plust laser attachment
Diode Laser
10 watt+ (10000 mW) 445 nm
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The Endurance 20 Watt laser double beam laser attachment
Diode Laser
20 watt (20000 mW) 445 nm
Get the best price
The Endurance 10 Watt* laser Invincible continuous power
Diode Laser
10 watt (10000 mW) 445 nm
Check out the price
The Endurance 8.5 Watt pluss laser Infinite continuous power
Diode Laser
8.5 watt (8500 mW) 445 nm
Check for a sale deal
Ultra powerful 8 watt (8000 mW) laser
Diode Laser
8 watt (8000 mW) 445 nm
Special deal available
a powerful 5.6 watt (5600 mW) laser
Diode Laser
5.6 watt (5600 mW) 445 nm
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We offer a variety of different lasers modules:

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Get everything you need to get started!

Make a present to your 3D printer enthusiast (friend) or CNC professional. Use a laser as your own «PersonoLaser»

Get all you need to get started with an Endurance 10 watt+ diode laser head


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Shipping and delivery

Express Delivery Services & International Shipping with DHL!
Endurance Lasers anticipates customer expectations. We know how impatient you are when you want to upgrade your 3D printer or a CNC with an Endurance laser.

Starting from 8-th of July 2019 Endurance Lasers LLC will ship all packages by DHL.
• Guaranteed delivery within 3-5 business days.
• Ultra-fast & ultra-reliable delivery.
• Top laser producer delivers with the Top delivery company.

Now you do not need to wait for your package anymore. Our lasers wait for you to engrave and cut with them.
All Endurance lasers will be sent to our customers via DHL by default.

Endurance lasers sales dynamics

Endurance lasers sales chart

Special benefits for trusted customers.

  • Try & Buy. 45 days money back.
  • Partial payment.
  • Covering all importing taxes and duties.

Our ultimate customer support rating.

Ultimate abilities of 10 watt plus 445 nm laser by Endurance lasers


Explore more about Endurance lasers production, shipment, warranty, supported 3D printers / CNC machines & pinouts

Learn more about Endurance laser manufacturing and assembling process on official endurance web site.

For more information there are some links:

If you have any questions or feedback on any of our products or services, please contact us at any of the contact details below.

We ship our products within 24 hours after receiving your order. Shipping costs are not included in our pricing. All our products are shipped worldwide using EMS priority service, USPS and UPS. If you wish to have your product shipped via TNT, FedEx or DHL, please send us your preference.

Our preferred payment method is Paypal. We are a verified merchant.

If you prefer to use another payment method, please contact us directly

We accept payments in Bitcoins / Litecoins & Ethereum:
An Endurance laser attachments (add-ons) for your 3D printer and CNC machine. Improve your 3D printer or CNC machine. Bitcoin wallet: 177rfJAFDFRN7hzJhTgRBp2NBw6ijkt5he
An Endurance laser attachments (add-ons) for your 3D printer and CNC machine. Improve your 3D printer or CNC machine. Litecoin wallet: LWbj3MP5hEncXGfQU7et8arMYDCuCn1NFx
An Endurance laser attachments (add-ons) for your 3D printer and CNC machine. Improve your 3D printer or CNC machine. Ethereum wallet: 0xEb1CF4fed1b7acE42954961444330B9A7Fc13B31
For exchange rate use

We provide a lifetime warranty on all our laser modules. If you find any fault with your product, we will ship you a replacement or provide you with a refund.

If, within the first 30 days, you find that the product isn’t what you expected (based on the video and guidance we have provided) or it doesn’t suit you, simply return it to us and we can provide you with a refund.

Returns are accepted within 30 days after you got the laser. Return the laser to a laser care center in Naples (FL, USA). Then we issue a full refund + US domestic shipment.

If you want a special condition for a return, warranty and refund conditions, please let us know in advance, usually, we offer special 45 days money back as a compliment.

Endurance shares information regarding our business.

Here we show our latest paid orders that were made on our web site!

If you have any questions — ask in our Livechat!!

Laser pinout

All Endurance lasers are plug and play

Watch a footage about a new Endurance laser improvements for 10 watt and 10 watt+ laser modules.

about laser improvements

Laser engraving for you and your business.

An Endurance laser attachments (add-ons) for your 3D printer and CNC machine. Improve your 3D printer or CNC machine.


Key Advantages of Endurance Lasers

  • Assembled in Russia. Reliable components from US, Germany and Japan.
  • Endurable. The guaranteed duration of a continuous operation is 48-72 hours.
  • The continuous and impulse rated power output is as advertised as opposed to many Chinese analogues.
  • All Endurance lasers cut wood, plywood, plastic, felt, fabric, acrylic, leather.
  • All Endurance lasers engrave on leather, acrylic, plastic, plywood, wood.
  • Lasers with an output of 5.6 watt and higher can engrave on anodized and painted aluminum, glass and stone.
  • Lasers with an output of 8.5 watt+ / 10 watt / 10 watt+ & 20 watt can engrave on steel, stainless steel, copper & brass.

Our lasers are fully compatible with popular 3D printers and CNC machines: CR-10, Ender 2, Ender 3, MPCNC, X-Carve, Prusa i3, Shapeoko 3, Lutzbot, Acro, Anet A8, Flashforge, Shark, Anycubic i3, Eleksmaker, Wanhao, Tevo, Tronxy, ADIMLab, Robo 3D.

Appreciation Letters From Universities worldwide.


Get your 3D printer improvement

Choose the laser add-on or engraving machine for your needs

Let's do it in 30 seconds

Do you want to engrave on brass, copper or stainless steel?

The latest articles about lasers


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Every time you buy a laser or an engraving machine from Endurance - you help children. Learn more about Endurance charity program.

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