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Read before running the laser

Necessary to read before operating Endurance laser.

Always wear protective goggles when operate the laser

Make sure that you have everything prepared in a case of unexpected fire

Using a laser in on your own risk

Never aim a laser beam at anyone and never use it outside the laser cutting, or engraving machine.

If you are not sure about anything, please ask us (email, web site form or call)


Important facts:

  • 445 nm wavelength (visible light)

  • Power output 2.1W/3.5W/5.6W/8W/8.5W+/10W

  • Has PWM (TTL+)

  • 2 wires to run red “+”. Black “-“

  • Read your 3D printer manual before installing on it. We suggest to connect to fan or heater outputs. Makeblock / DIY / CNC usually already have available connectors for laser.

  • Requires 12V of current and 1.5-7 amps of power.

  • Generates heat and requires air cooling all the time

  • Run a gcode to operate the laser on a 3D printer.

  • A lot of useful guidance, tutorials what you can make and how to run a laser you can find on our web site


We are happy that you bought our laser and would be happy to assist you if you have any questions.
Will appreciate your feedback and recommendation and we are always looking for new cool things that we made using our laser. Visit our youtube channel (icons on web site) to learn more what you can do with it.

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Read before running the laser
Read before running the laser

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