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List of a laser diodes we have an expertise in

Sharp 490nm 55mW GH04850B2G Diode
Sharp 505nm 55mW Green Laser Diodes

2W M140 445nm

NDB7875 9mm 445nm

NDB7675 9mm 462nm
NDB7675 1.4W 462nm

7W+ NUBM44-81/NUBM47-A1 450nm

2W M462 462nm

NUBM07 465nm

NUBM08 4.3W 455nm

NDG700 700mW 520nm

NDG7475 1W 520nm

BDR-209 16X 405nm

S06J 12X 405nm

Osram PLT5 450B 450nm

Osram PLTB450B 450nm
Osram PLTB450B 1.6W 450nm

N465 4W 465nm
N450 3.5W 450nm Laser Diode

NUBM05 3.5W 455nm
NUBM05 3.5W 450nm Laser Diode

NUBM06 3.5W 445nm
NUBM05 3.5W 450nm Laser Diode

Osram PL520B 120mW 520nm
Osram PLP520

Osram PLP520-B1 120mW 520nm
Osram PLP520

N520 1W 520nm
N520 520nm Laser Diodes

Oclaro 700mW 638nm

Mits 500mW 638nm

Oclaro 120mW 638nm

Sharp 185mw 638nm
Sharp GH0631IA2G 185mw

Sharp 35mW 505nm Diode
Sharp 505nm 55mW Green Laser Diodes

NUGM01 1W 520nm

NUGM02 900mW 520nm
NUGM02 900mW 520nm Laser Diode

Osram PLT5 510 10mW 515nm
Osram PL520 50mW 520nm

Special diode:
LDI-495-FP-20-G-21-SM03-FU-CW Fiber-coupled laser diode module, Fabry-Perot, wavelength 495 nm, optical fiber in CW in a single-mode fiber up to 20 mW,
14-pin DIL package G with thermal stabilization (TEC and thermistor),
signle-mode optical fiber Nufern S405-XP, length 100 cm, furcation tubing 0.9 mm, connector FC/UPC.

Drivers are available (see the attached file):
– PCB, with current regulation by potentiometer – 195$,
– PCB in an aluminium case with current regulation handle and current indication screen – 295$.

Optionally the TTL input for laser switching (ON/OFF) can be added to PCB.