Laser disclaimer

When you buy 5.6W+ diode laser from Endurance you agree with the following:

I understand that the Endurance’s L-Cheapo 5W laser is not yet FDA certified, is not a standalone product designed for standalone operation, and must be installed into a 3D printer, CNC mill, or plotter.

I understand that operating the Endurance’s L-Cheapo 5.6W laser, or any other laser cutter, outdoors and/or on battery power is a dangerous and illegal practice and agree to not do so.

I agree to return the test unit in exchange for either a FDA certified unit, a newer version of a test unit, or a full refund, if a recall is issued. I understand that shipping will be refunded at a small USPS box rates.

I agree to add a lid to my 3D printer, CNC mill, or plotter and position the Endurance’s L-Cheapo 5.6W laser safety switch on my 3D printer, CNC mill, or plotter in such a way that it will disable the laser output if the lid is open.

I certify that I have used a solid state laser cutter or engraver before and am cognizant of the risk of severe eye damage if the accessory is operated improperly.

I agree to not hold Endurance’s L-Cheapo 5.6W laser, and any of the L-Cheapo resellers responsible for any damage incurred to my person or property with the exception of damage to the Endurance’s L-Cheapo 5.6W laser itself and to the 3D printer, CNC mill, or plotter into which the Endurance’s L-Cheapo 5W laser has been installed, to the limit of twice the cost of the Robots Endurance’s L-Cheapo 5W laser.

I understand that the safety goggles provided with the Endurance’s L-Cheapo 5.6W laser are intended to block reflected light from the workpiece or working surface, and will not shield the user's eyes from a direct beam or from a reflection coming from a mirrored surface.

If I attempt to cut or engrave mirrored surfaces, it will be with the opaque side up.

I satisfy age and citizenship requirements in my country of residence to sign a legal contract.

Lasers and engravers made by Endurance.

Why do our customers buy lasers and engraving machines from us?

+ Ability to choose the right laser or engraving machine. We help to qualify customer needs by phone / email / facebook messenger / telegram / whatsapp / viber.
+ We provide qualified after-sales service.
+ Our lasers and engraving machines are fully assembled and ready to go.
+ Delivery time from 24 hours. All systems built to order.
+ Lifetime warranty.
+ We provide with video tutorials and guidance.

Laser engraving for yourself and for your business.

Advantages of our lasers

+ Assembled in the USA.
+ Reliable. The guaranteed duration of continuous operation is 48 hours.
+ True continuous power output as advertised - unlike many Chinese analogues.
+ All our lasers cut plywood, felt, fabric, acrylic, leather.
+ All our lasers can engrave on leather, acrylic, plastic, plywood, wood.
+ Lasers with an output of 5.6W, 8W can engrave on anodized and painted aluminum, glass, or stone.

Buy powerful solid state laser from Endurance!

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