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Getting started with an Endurance 10 watt laser and Shapeoko XXL 3 CNC machine

Getting started with an Endurance 10 watt laser and Shapeoko XXL 3 CNC machine

Do you have a Shapeoko 3 XXL? This, bud, is for you!

So, now that you have your laser, how on earth are you going to attach it to your Shapeoko? Here’s a step-by-step article, with lots of photos and material list, on how I made an easily detachable mount to go onto my XXL.
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Cutting with a 10 Watt Endurance Laser

Now that you have your laser mounted and fired up, what can be more exciting than using it to cut something? Anything! But what if we’ve never had one before? What can it cut, and what settings do we need? In this article, I go into the testing I did, the settings I used, my observations, and some practical tips for cutting through five different kinds of common wood.
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Photo Engraving with a 10 Watt Endurance Laser

If you’re a long-time laser engraving pro, you might want to pass this one by, but, for relative noobs like me, you might find a good starting point to get going with laser engraving on wood. Here, I use two types of commonly available materials, Baltic Birch Plywood and solid Bass Wood, to engrave a photograph using various settings in LightBurn on my Endurance and JTech lasers.
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Acclaim Air Assist Nozzle for Laser Cutting

This article covers my Air Assist journey using an aquarium air pump with various delivery methods/nozzles. These include a simple metal drinking straw to which I later added a sports ball inflation needle, a handcrafted prototype of a nozzle made from caster wheels, and finally the carefully designed and 3D-modeled version which I hope some of you will want to print and try for yourselves.
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