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Free diode lasers from Endurance for educators.

We help educators to explore a new field of using diode (solid-state) powerful lasers in their research!

When and why?

We are willing to send free lasers to colleges, schools, and STEM centers on certain conditions.


We want to make sure that our lasers are suitable for your research and will meet your expectations that is why we kindly ask you to share your research plans. What you going to do with the laser and what result expect to achieve with it. Please indicate what kind of 3D printer or CNC machine you have.

We will review your comments and will be happy to answer and assist.


We will be also happy if you share the results of your research here below your comment, if the comment is too long, please email us: and send pictures, video, white papers. We can create a separate page for your results.

Supporters are welcome!)

Your support will allow us to produce and send more lasers to schools, colleges and STEM centers worldwide. Your help will allow students worldwide to learn more about cutting edge technologies. All financial data reports will be published every month.

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Free diode lasers from Endurance for educators.
Free diode lasers from Endurance for educators.

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