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Mike Poling

Michael Poling, M.Sc.(Kin), M.Sc.(PT), CAFCI, Cred. MDT
Owner/Physiotherapist, Fairway Physiotherapy
Asst. Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Mike Poling is a CNC enthusiast, 3D print maker and now laser enthusiast who loves working with all materials, but mostly wood. He has been doing a lot of 3D carvings, recently involving coloured epoxies and now is having a great time pushing the boundaries of laser use, engraving and cutting. His small workshop in Northwestern Ontario, Canada produces unique art and furniture. No piece is ever the same. He is married with two small children. He lives on the largest freshwater lake in the world and loves the outdoors.

The system was upgraded with a 10W Endurance laser and has been combining CNC carving and laser engraving together with 3D printing, as seen in the Lord of the Rings plaque below. The rings were 3D printed with the Elvish text from the books written inside the 3D print. The carving was done, then the laser burned the blackened letters inside, for a permanent colour and depth.

I love to combine technologies with my love of woodworking.

The Endurance 10 Watt (10000 mW)  laser “Invincible” with 445 nm wavelength
The Endurance 10 Watt (10000 mW) laser “Invincible” with 445 nm wavelength
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48” x 96” PRO CNC RouterParts machine
48” x 96” PRO CNC RouterParts machine
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