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Diode lasers

Diode lasers

Endurance makes and delivers diode (solid-state) lasers with different power output, starting from 2.1W (2100 mW) up to 10W (10000 mW)

Endurance lasers have class 4 and you must comply with safety rules: always wear goggles and never ever aim at any living being.

Endurance lasers are reliable, have rated power output and can work continiously for 48-72 hours.

All lasers are hand-made: assembled and tested individually.
Diode lasers

All Endurance lasers have similar parameters but different power output

Key features for Endurance lasers are:

Voltage: 12V
Amperage: 2 – 7A (2.1W – 10W)
Cooling: air flow
Mount: compatible with most 3D printers and CNC mills
Weight: 100-150 grams (~ 1/3 pound)
Wavelength: 445 nm (blue)
TTL: yes
Total lifetime: 10 000 hours.
Continuous operation time: 48-72 hours.
Focal range with 3 element lens: 2-10 cm (1-4”).
Focal range with G2 lens: 2-10 mm (0.1-0.4”)

Endurance laser production

Endurance has a several steps while laser production:
1. We purchase and test all components before starting an assembling process.
2. We do metalwork: cut aluminum drill necessary holes in aluminum housing, drill holes in a heatsink.
3. We make our own laser driver: all electronic components are collected and soldered on a coppored textolite.
4. We make assembling: laser driver is insterted into a metal housing, laser diode insterted into a heasink is mounted to the housing, screw fans.
5. Final tests: we do 1-3 hours test of a final unit (measure temperature, measure power consumption).

Laser production takes from 4 up to 8 hours depending on a power output.
8W, 8.5W+ and 10W lasers require special special laser tuning. Every laser requires accurate settings of current parameters.

Difference from Chinese analogs

Unlike Endurance most Chinese diode lasers analogs with output 2 (2000 mw), 3 (3000 mw), 5 (5000 mw), 5.5 (5500 mw), 8 (8000 mw), 10 (10000 mw), 12 (12000 mw), 15 (15000 mw) watt output are not rated properly and in fact do not have that power output.

Another issue that most Chinese laser do not work continiously and can operate only 5-15 minutes maximum and then require idle time.

Unlike Endurance most Chinese companies do not provie a customer support about how to connect, how to mount, etc.

Abilities of Endurance lasers

Endurance lasers can cut up tu 8-10 mm of wood / plywood and dark acrylic.
Powerful Endurance lasers with 8W, 8.5W+ and 10W power output can engrave on anodized aluminum, copper, brass, stone, ceramics and even on a stainless steel.