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Custom development

Endurance company offers a full specter of services and research & development for the diode laser business.

Custom development

We help researchers, academicians, businessmen, hobbyists and enthusiasts solve different issues in the laser industry.

We know how to:

  • Build and produce lasers and laser drivers.
  • Create custom lasers with a different wavelength.
  • Deal with fiberglass: combine and split laser beams.
  • Work with complicated optics.
  • Do metalwork for laser machines
  • Assemble complicated hardware mechanisms (robotics).
  • Make advanced measurements.
Custom development

We are experts in solid-state (diode) lasers. We have a vast experience in dealing with 405 nm – 808 nm wavelength diodes.

Laser upgrading and a laser repair option.

Custom development

Endurance has competences in upgrading and repairing of any types of diode (solid-state) lasers. We can replace diodes and electronic components. Our knowledge allows us to make suggestions about improving of your laser module if that is necessary.

We replace burned components and run all the necessary tests after the changes we made.

We have a great variety of necessary components in stock and an upgrade or a repair process can be done quick enough.

If we lack the necessary components – we will let you know about the delivery time and the price for them.

Laser mounts and laser metalwork

Custom development

Endurance has an expertise in making different laser mounts and we do complicated laser metalwork.
We deal with a few factories that can

To do a nice metalwork we request a scheme and an image of an expected product.
All formats are acceptable (DXF, SVG, STL and others).

Custom development

If you need to install a laser module into a collimator, we can make a custom design for a laser diode housing.
We are experienced in making collimators for TO3, TO5, TO9, TO18, C-mount types.

Collimators can be made out of aluminum, copper and brass.

Our accuracy standard is 0.1mm (100 μm).

Custom development

All types of the laser module mounts can be designed and manufactured in any amount.

Custom development

Laser driver

Custom development

Endurance has a vast expertise and experience in making laser drivers of different.

Most laser drivers require stable current and accurate voltage.

Custom development

If you have a laser diode / laser array or laser module Endurance can make a laser driver that will meet your requirements. We would need to get a detailed requirement from you on this stage.

We can add a TTL controller and a frequency modulator if needed.

Laser cooling system

Custom development

By way of experimenting while making lasers, Endurance now knows almost everything about an efficient cooling system.
We have a variety of different heatsinks, TEC cooling systems, fans and different cooling rod copper modules.

A high quality cooling system will allow to operate your laser module or laser array without the risk of overheating.
Before deploying a solution we make a lot of different tests and temperature measurements.
Independent institutions can be invited for additional tests
Custom development

If you have a laser diode / laser array or laser module we can develop a customized cooling system using either an air or water cooling and TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler) Peltier module.

Laser controlling boards based on the Arduino with CNCC LaserAxe / GRBL 0.9, 1.1, 3.0 firmware

Custom development

Endurance develops customer controlling boards based on CNCC LaserAxe and GRBL 0.9 firmware (sketches).

If you need custom based stepper motors / additional axes and you plan to add more sensors and detectors then we can develop that based on your requirements.

Give us full tech requirements or at least RFP so we can send our proposal.


Custom development


Check / measurement of operating parameters, troubleshooting and repair of laser modules of other manufacturers.

Custom development


Development of optical-electronic and laser devices with the manufacture of prototypes, including:

  • development of optical circuits
  • calculation of optical coatings
  • development of electrical circuits and printed circuit boards
  • development of mechanical parts, components, products.

Custom development


Consultations on the selection of laser modules for specific applications and operating conditions.

Fiber laser: combiners, splitter, etc.

Fiber coupling, and fiber delivery

Custom development

Custom development

Laser measurements


Custom development
Our specialists have experience in creating measuring instruments that cover a range of the average power in 13 orders (from 1 μW to 10 MW). The choice of primary converters on the basis of existing technical solutions or the development of new ones is carried out at the stage of the draft design of the created test and measurement complex. Registration of the output signals of the converters is usually carried out with the help of the Recorder “Rits822”, which allows to control the power or power density change in several points of the experiment circuit in parallel.

Power measurement using Registrar

The radiation power measurement and monitoring of its changes during the experiment is most expedient to carry out with the help of the Signal Recorder “Rits822”. Unlike the oscilloscope, the registration and display of readings are made in natural units (W, kW, etc.). The figure on the left shows the results of registering the pulse of a solid-state laser in the free-running mode. During the pulse, 150,000 power counts were made. The impulse has a characteristic spike structure. The stretching of the image (middle plot) allows to display the pulse structure, in particular, to estimate the spacing between individual spikes. An even larger image stretching (lower graph) allows one to estimate the duration of the individual spikes (in the example given, the spike duration with a maximum power of 10 MW is 234 ns).
Custom development

Smoothing the waveform

Custom development
Recorder “Rits822” when displaying information makes it possible to smooth out the shape of the pulse due to the sliding averaging of the individual power counts (that is, using a convolution with a rectangular function). The diagram on the left shows the graphs of the initial pulse and smoothed out with the averaging parameter 1200 (at each point the average value of 1200 power samples taken at the given point of the region: 600 samples up to and 600 samples after this point is plotted). In fact, the smoothed graph represents a temporary change in the average power and allows us to estimate the duration of the radiation pulse at a level of 0.5 maximum (in this case, the duration is 785 μs). Attention is drawn to the change in the vertical scale in these graphs. If in the initial pulse of the maximum power of the individual spikes reaches 20 MW, then in the smoothed pulse, the average power at the maximum is about 1.5 MW.

Parallel registration capabilities

The “Rits822” recorder provides unique possibilities for conducting parallel recording of the radiation power at various points in the experiment circuit. The upper left figure shows the time dependences of the laser radiation power recorded in 7 sections of the optical spectrum during the eight-second start-up. The lower figure shows, on two time scales, the readings of receivers recording the time course of the radiation of five simultaneously operating impulse channels of a complex laser installation.

Converters that measure the power of laser radiation.

Custom development


Custom development
When describing the operation of a laser in a pulsed mode, the energy of the radiation pulse is, as a rule, the first indicated parameter, as if characterizing the scale of the article. Our specialists have experience in creating measuring instruments that cover the range of pulsed energy in 13 orders (from 1 μJ to 10 MJ). The choice of primary converters on the basis of the existing technical solutions or the development of new ones is carried out at the stage of the draft design of the created test and measurement complex. At the same time, the means for recording their output signals, as well as algorithms for processing (including the joint) and options for displaying the information obtained are determined. As an example, the site presents the implementation of a 7-channel energy measurement complex.


Measurement of the divergence of the laser beam is based on the preliminary registration of the radiation intensity distribution over the cross section of the beam in the far field. Further mathematical processing of this distribution makes it possible to determine its cross sections, projections, and also a number of moments of various orders. On this basis, the angular width of the beam is determined, i.e. its divergence.
Soviet standards and relevant practice provided for two definitions of the divergence of the beam.
By intensity: the flat angle at the vertex of the cone of rotation around the optical axis, the average power.
Custom development

Laser research

Custom development
Endurance has excellent relations with a lot of US and Russian colleges and universities, therefore, a vast amount of different research projects can be done in partnership with academics.

Among our researchers we have professors from Department of Physics, Department of Computer and Information Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering department, Aerodynamics Research Center Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department and many other faculties and departments.

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