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About Endurance

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Endurance follows the principles of the “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”:

Our highest priority is customer satisfaction through the timely and safe delivery of our software and hardware solutions.

We constantly adjust our business and our development processes in order to provide our customers with the best and latest products and services. To ensure the quality of our products and services, we deliver in a time frame of two weeks to a couple of months. We take the time to make sure our product is not only complete but is also as perfect as can be.

Through supportive teamwork and communication, Endurance creates an environment that allows software engineers and hardware developers to work well together. Our projects are completed through the work of extremely motivated individuals as part of very focussed and disciplined teams

We constantly strive to create the best quality products and services we can through utilising our self-managed teams, paying attention to detail, listening to our customers, and changing our processes accordingly.

At Endurance expects quality and excellence from our people so that you, the customer, can expect quality and excellence from our products and services.

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